Best Golf Balls For Swing Speed Under 100 mph [Updated Jul 2024]

Best Golf Balls For Swing Speed Under 100 mph

Familiar with the phrase, “a bad workman always blames his tools”? Well, the odds are 50/50 on this one when it comes to golf. You can practice your swings and study your techniques and angles as much as possible, but without the right equipment, it’s unlikely that you will enjoy a fulfilling game. It isn’t as glum as it sounds, though. Let’s look at it from another angle – maybe there’s nothing wrong with your technique. Maybe you just aren’t using the right golf clubs or balls.

The importance of equipping yourself with the right golf clubs during a game will continue to be paramount. But do you know what is also equally necessary? It’s making sure you have the right golf balls. To arrive at the ‘right’ golf balls for yourself, you have to consider your skill, swing speed, and ball flight.

The material and the shape or feel of each ball determine its spin rate, speed, and distance. Determine your average swing speed, and you can then go about selecting the right golf balls for your game.

A Couple of Tips on Choosing a Golf Ball Based on Your Swing Speed

While the above data contains conclusions that have been arrived at based on observations and studies, we don’t discourage you from taking the liberty to test several golf balls to create your own rules.

If you’re lost in the sea of options when it comes to golf balls for swing speeds under 100 mph, we’re here to simplify things for you. Listed below are three popular and commendable golf balls designed for the same. We’ve done a mini-review of each of them to help you figure out the golf balls that best suit your playing style.

Top 3 Golf Balls For Swing Speed Under 100 mph [Updated Jul 2024]

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Golf Balls For Swing Speed Under 100 mph Reviews [Updated Jul 2024]

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


These super-soft golf balls boast an ultra-soft compression core, which promotes fast ball speed and increased accuracy. They also feature a softer trigonometry cover formulation, which has low compression. This detailing enhances feel and increases control when on the greens. The low-gray HEX Aerodynamics technology in these Callaway super-soft golf balls are optimized to reduce drag and to enhance lift (which in turn facilitates longer carry and distance).


  • These balls are undeniably among the softest ones in the market today.
  • They are great for all levels of players but are especially advantageous for novice golfers.
  • They are perfect for slow swings.
  • Their compression also allows golfers to make straight and long ball flights.


  • Because of their ultra-soft feel, it may be challenging to get as much spin on short game shots as compared to other balls.
  • Some golfers may also find the softness of these balls a disadvantage when putting on the greens.

The Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls


They feature the Truvis pattern, which is known to allow great mis-hit forgiveness. These balls come with a larger inner core, which maximizes driver-spin and promotes high launch for long-distance travel. The premium dual-core construction of these golf balls promotes more distance off your longer golf clubs. It also offers more control off of your mid-irons, wedges, and short-irons.

The ultra-soft tour urethane cover on these balls generate shot-controlling, stroke-saving spins on pitches and chips. These balls also boast a great feel.


  • The balls’ construction encourages more distance off long golf clubs.
  • They offer good control for short- and mid-irons, and wedges.
  • Their urethane cover promotes excellent control and spin on chips and pitches.
  • The Truvis pattern on these balls is meant to increase their visibility, so you have total focus.


  • Their ultra-soft feel may not be every golfer’s cup of tea.

The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls


Speed, precision, and consistency – these are the playing benefits that these golf balls promise. They come with its own cover system of cast thermoset urethane elastomer, which equips the balls to have good scoring control. The use of this type of cover on the balls also gives them added benefits such as high spin on short game shots and approach shots. To make up for the ‘lack of speed’ that covers of this material are often deemed ‘unfavourable’ for, the thickness of these golf balls’ cover is reduced.

The larger casing layer in these golf balls enhances speed and optimizes spin. Much like the Pro V1 golf balls, the Pro V1x golf balls are also designed for long distances and short game control beneficial for golfers for shooting lower scores.


  • They boast a good feel, a high flight, and more spin.
  • Their cover is thinner than ever, and that helps with increased speed.
  • They offer more iron spin than balls of the Titleist Pro VX version.


  • Some golfers may not be satisfied with the balls’ short game control performance.

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