Best Golf Grip For Small Hands

Best Golf Grip For Small Hands

Getting the right golf grips is very important. But sadly, very few people pay attention to it. You need to have a good golf grip so that you can give the perfect swing. Having the perfect golf grip means you can give a more accurate and comfortable swing. This applies to both a pro and newbie player.

If you are hands are small, you should not make the mistake of opting for grips that are meant for the larger hands. In that case, you will not be able to control the club and will end up missing your shot.

For men, they often feel shy to commit that they have small hands. Well, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you want to be a better golfer, then you need to pay attention to the grip you are using. If you are looking for golf grips for small hands, then you will find some of the best options in this article.

Top 3 Golf Grip For Small Hands

Golf Grip For Small Hands Reviews

Here are three of the best golf grips for small hands. Go through the details along with the pros and cons of each product to make the right pick for yourself.

Golf Pride DD2 Undersized Grip Review

The Golf Pride DD2 Undersized Grips are one of the best and most recommended grips for small hands. It is constructed with a soft rubber compound to give you the right amount of comfort you need. It is designed with a vibration dampening, low-torque rubber compound which enables you to give consist of shots.

DD2 is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Not just that but the grips are also made very durable. You can find these grips in a wide variety of colours including blue, lime green, black and white, etc. You can choose the one that matches your personality the best.


- It is constructed in a way that allows moisture to dry quickly so that you can control the club perfectly even under humid conditions.
- It is made with a soft rubber compound at the right pressure points to give you maximum comfort.
- With the help of this grip, you can give consistent shots.
- It is available in a wide array of colours so you can choose according to your taste.
- It has a visual thumb-placement guide to provide extra stability throughout the grips.
- It is designed with firm material in the base to provide you with greater stability through the swing.




Variety of colours

Gives you perfect swing

Greater stability

Cleveland Velvet Grip Review

The next best option in the line is Cleveland Velvet Grip. These are perhaps the most comfortable grips meant for small hand use. The computer-designed grip is constructed carefully with a very soft rubber compound. It is combined with a non-stick surface which allows you to feel the nuances of each shot. With this grip, you will get feedback with every swing. These grips are meant to offer maximum confidence, comfort, and playability.


- It is made with the finest materials to give you the best experience. The soft rubber compound used for the construction offers you maximum comfort during play.
- It is designed with a non-slip surface to promote maximum comfort, confidence, and playability.
- These grips are computer designed and are meant for small hands use.
- With the use of these grips, you can get feedback with every swing.



Quality grips


Non-slip surface

Feedback with every swing

Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Review

Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Golf Grips is yet another great option meant for small hands use. Unlike other grips, these are easy and fast to replace. With the use of these new grips, you can almost get the feeling of using a new set of clubs.

The best thing about these grips is that you can select the grip contour and decide what feels right for you. These golf grips are loaded with useful features which makes it better than other options on the market. The classic wrap-style design provides you maximum comfort during the game.

It is designed with WinnDry polymer which gives proper cushioning and comfort during play. The feature that is worth mentioning is the non-slip surface that allows you to give the perfect swing. These are all-weather performance grips that give an added advantage to it. Lastly, it also has a high shock absorption capacity.


- These grips are designed for small hand use and are constructed with high-quality materials to give you maximum comfort.
- Its non-slip surface allows you to give the perfect swing every time.
- It is equipped with Winn Dry polymer which provides proper cushioning.
- These grips are meant to be used under all weather conditions which makes it an ideal option for many.
- It has a high shock absorption capacity as well.



Perfect swing




All-weather use

High shock absorption

Things To Consider When Buying Golf Grips

Here are some of the main factors you should look into when buying the perfect golf grips for your game.


You should choose a shape that you feel comfortable to use. The most common shapes available include ribbed, round and square putter grip. The round shape is considered to be the standard grip.


Golf grips are also available in different sizes. You need to pick the size that best fits you. You need to determine the size of your hands to choose the right size.


Different materials are used for the construction of gold grips. However, the most common materials include rubber, leather, and cord. The rubber grip is durable while cord grips are good for rainy weather. As far as leather grips are concerned, they are very less in demand.


The weight of the grip changes because of its size. The bigger the grip, the more is the weight.

So these are three of the best golf grips available for undersized hands. These are top-rated models that are recommended even by professionals. If you want to make the most of your game, then you should consider opting for any of these models.