Best Golf Putters Ever

Best Golf Putters Ever

There is a lot of consideration involved when finding the perfect putter. Golfers need to know how the grip feels, how the strokes sound like, and how much control is given to them. They need to know if the putter they are getting will actually complement their playing style.

This is why many factors related to the putter need to be taken into account. For example, you need to check if the weight is efficiently distributed, if the weights are customizable, and what are other people’s experiences. This is the only way to really know if the putter will help you sink more putts.

We are well aware that finding the right putter can be a very frustrating task. Therefore, here are our recommendations that will help you find the best putter available in the market.

Top 3 Golf Putters Ever

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Golf Putters Ever Reviews

S7K Standing Putter Review

You might wonder, what makes this putter one of the best in the market? Well, the name says it all: it can stand by itself! With this putter in your hands, you do not have to worry about alignment like most other golfers. Instead of trying to make predictions by looking from above the ball or the side, you can simply place this putter behind the ball and check the alignment from the back. This putter can, therefore, enable you to make a much more confident stroke.

You might also ask, “Can this putter live up to its name on slopes?” The answer is a resounding yes. This putter’s design is carefully engineered to stand on slopes, even in a slow breeze! This will allow you to sink more putts from all over the green.

This putter also plays a huge role in improving your speed and distance control. The S7K Standing Putter has an amazingly light grip, which will transfer lots of feedback to your hands. As a result, your strokes will not only produce a beautiful sound but also make smooth shots that you will surely cherish. After getting this putter, you will not have to worry about missing a putt from a 10-foot radius.

Since this putter offers so many features, you might want to know if it is even legal. Well, fortunately, you can use it on any course without any worries.

Another reason why it is considered the best is that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, unlike other putters in the market.



Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

This putter comes in only one size: 34.5 inches

Has a built-in strike dot

You can easily implement the triple line path guide to land more putts

TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Black Putter Review

This mallet putter was initially made for the golf legend Dustin Johnson. It is also used by Jason Day and Jon Rahm. What really makes it stand out is its unique futuristic look. You won’t find a design like this anywhere else.

If you find it hard to improve your topspin, you should consider getting this Spider Tour Black Putter. The insert has a 45-degree groove that not only plays an immense role in improving your topspin but also enables you to initiate a very smooth roll.

This putter has a metallic insert that gives it a solid click. This is because it has a vibration damping foam between the frame and the body. The metallic insert also gives a light click sound when you strike the ball from the center of its face.

This putter comes with 4 hosel designs:



Has a light weight

The head might seem huge and might be too big to move around for some

Produces a light click sound

Has a movable weight technology to align with the head weight you prefer

WIlson Staff D300 Review

There are many reasons why this putter is one of the best in the market. The most obvious reason why people all around the world find it to be the best is that it is slightly stiffer and has a slightly heavier head than the standard putter. The heaver head results in better swinging mechanics that has magnificently improved control for many.

Moreover, in order to improve the physical dynamics of your strokes, it uses an innovative method of weight distribution. This produces a perfect balance over the entire putter, which automatically takes care of the stroke rhythm. Although it is very important for you to understand and control your tempo, the perfect balance of this putter makes you feel as if it is swinging on its own.

The insert has also been updated from its predecessors and gives a soft and muted feel when you swing. The sound that this putter produces on strokes is the main reason why people prefer it over all others. People have also described the sound of this putter to be “puffy,” which is what many people look for in a putter.

Furthermore, it has a grey and black look that makes for a beautiful contrast and is appealing to the eyes. The shaft is made up of steel and graphite, which not only enhances the control in your strokes but also gives you a smooth feel.



It has a light feel to it

Does not come with a warranty

Has micro hinges embedded that improve distance control

It also has additional weight in the sole and butt of the grip, which allows you to make more accurate shots

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