Best golf simulator for under $1000

Best golf simulator for under $1000

A golf simulator is an exceptionally expensive pleasure, with some simulators costing thousands and thousands of dollars. In spite of the steep prices, buying a golf simulator is often cheaper than attending a real golf course. Besides, buying a golf simulator is the only option for very busy people to play golf.

Fortunately, not all golf simulators cost that much. If you really want to get a golf simulator, then our reviews of 3 inexpensive simulators will certainly be of great interest to you. Who knows, maybe you even find that best golf simulator for under $1000 after reading through the reviews!

Top 3 best golf simulators for under $1000

Image Product Price Rating
OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator


Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack Review Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack


The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net


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OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

When it comes to options under $1000, OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is probably the best option. You can easily upgrade it and make the most out of your home golf experience in the future, but it still is a good buy for recreational use out of the box.OptiShot 2 uses a swing pad equipped with two strips of infrared sensors to capture the movement of the club head. Since there are two sensors, the software will be able to pretty accurately estimate the angle of the club, its direction, speed, and how it hit the golf ball.OptiShot 2 includes two practice foam balls and adjustable rubber tees, which you could use for better immersion. You would need to be sure that you won’t damage anything with the balls though. Thankfully, you could put the balls and tees aside and only use your golf club.

As with any golf simulator, software plays a key role in OptiShot 2’s experience. It’s a pretty great piece with 15 world-renown courses included, all with fully adjustable weather conditions, camera views, and game types. You could also gather a party of four to play golf at home or get the OptiShot Season Pass to gain access to online tournaments and additional 40 courses. And of course, you could select various clubs and calibrate them to use with your real clubs.OptiShot 2 has one notable downside: its swing pad stands 1 – 2 inches above the ground, so you might want to use something to stand level with it. A golf mat would be the best choice, but it will cost you additional money.

Tracks the club head pretty accurately. The swing pad stands 1 – 2 inches above the ground, so you may need to stand on something to become level with it.
Includes two foam practice balls and adjustable rubber tees.
Not very demanding of the computer hardware.

Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack

Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack Review

Tittle X Golf is an inexpensive option for those who want to safely play golf at home. That’s because it comes with two swing sticks that are half the size of real golf clubs, making them much safer for indoor use.Unlike OptiShot 2 which traces the movement of the club head, Tittle X traces the movement of the club shaft. Tittle X comes with a sensor that is installed on the club shaft to measure its speed and angle. Tittle also includes a couple of sensor mounts for drivers and putters: when you install the sensor on one of them, the software automatically chooses the settings for you, which you can also calibrate if necessary. You could use the sensor with either the included sticks or with your own golf club.

When it comes to the software, Tittle X Golf Simulator truly shines since it works with the beautiful Trugolf E6. In terms of visuals, it certainly is a step ahead of OptiShot 2’s solution, but at the same time, it will demand more performance from your PC. Functionally, the software of both simulators is quite similar.What certainly lacks from Tittle X Golf Simulator is the feel of hitting the ball. Sure, you could put a golf ball on the floor and hit it, but OptiShot 2 provides a better feel because it comes with a swing pad. You sure could get a golf mat, but it would cost you about twice the price of Tittle X Golf Simulator.

Inexpensive. Lacks the feel of hitting the ball.
Includes short swing sticks for safe indoor play. More demanding on the computer hardware.
Comes with the beautiful Trugolf E6 golf simulator software.

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Multi-Sport Golf Net isn’t based on software, unlike the previous two products. As the name implies, it is basically a net designed to catch golf balls. In fact, one could use this net to practice soccer, baseball, softball, and other sports that incorporate a ball.For practice shots, the Multi-Sport Golf Net is a very useful item. Using a regular wall isn’t very convenient since the ball can bounce anywhere it wants, not to mention that you may even damage the wall. The Multi-Sport Golf Net doesn’t bounce off balls: instead, it puts them to a stop and then returns it to you: the ball just slides down the sloped net towards your position.

The bounce-free nature can really come in handy, especially if you are indoors as it won’t let the ball bounce around. Using it with a golf simulator would also be great: say, playing OptiShot 2 with a golf ball would be much safer with this net than with a plain wall. And besides, you could put it in front of your big screen to protect it from your hits.In the end, the Multi-Sport Golf Net would be a great tool for athletes who want to practice hundreds and thousands of shots each day. It would also be a nice product for those recreational golfers who want to play in front of their TV sets. It costs quite a bit though, but it certainly is worth the money.

Easy-to-assemble. Expensive.
Automatically returns the ball to you.
Can be used indoors or outside.
Can be used for multiple sports.
Made in the US.


As you could have seen, you certainly can find a good golf simulator for recreational and even professional use for less than $1000. There will obviously be some limitations: the most expensive full golf simulator kits come with everything necessary for full immersion like screens, projectors, and golf mats, unlike the cheaper options. But if you are looking for the best golf simulator for under $1000 to set a starting point for your golf journey, then any of the 3 products we reviewed could become the right one!

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