Best irons for a 10 handicap

Best irons for a 10 handicap

Irons are the clubs that you use the most on a golf course. Therefore it is essential for you to have the right set of iron on your game. Different golfers have a different handicap. It determines the way they play golf. It also shows their success rate. If you’re a 10 handicap, then you are better than most players. This also means you will need the best irons. 

A 10 handicap player falls under a mid handicapper. You should look for a wider cup as they tend to be more forgiving. You should also look for irons with added tech based on your skill level. Some technology improves forgiveness and also increases the ball speed, which is fantastic for a 10 handicap.

These are some of the best irons for a 10 handicap:

Top 3 irons for a 10 handicap

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Irons for a 10 handicap Reviews

Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons Set Review

Callaway Apex CF16 is one of the best iron set for you if you are a 10 handicap. It has the 360 cup technology that provides excellent precision along with an increase in ball speed. This iron set also has an incredibly soft feel as well. It comes with a precise four-layer net forging and 1025 carbon steel to give its soft feel. The iron set has a progressive offset with CG height that offers the right amount of balance for the ball fight. This also gives the iron set excellent playability, control, and forgiveness. The irons which are longer have more offset, and it provides better forgiveness while the shorter ones are more compact with lesser offset, providing better control and feel.


  • Distance along with playability:
    This set features Face Cup, which provides long-distance shot with excellent precision.
  • High scoring with all the set:
    The set has a progressive offset, widths, and heights along with notch weighting that gives the ball great flight. It also provides the set with excellent playability and control, which makes it easy for you to score regardless of which iron you’re using from the set.
  • Multi-piece Construction: 
    This iron set has a high tech multi-piece construction, which provides a marvelous combination of distance, control and feel.
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    Extreme softness:
    Callaway Apex CF16 has an excellent precision with the quadruple forging, 1025 carbon steel, and precision milling, which produces an amazingly soft feel.



Great accuracy and forgiveness

Powerful enough to strike even in tall grass yet light enough for excellent playability

Long irons not suitable for beginners 

Amazing distance


The Callaway Apex CF16 is one of the most stylish iron set out there. Each of the clubs looks amazing with a black finish on both the shaft and the head. This is one of those rare sets that perform just as good as it looks. The clubhead is excellent for a 10 handicap. The 360 Face Cup technology provides a significant boost that allows your ball to fly off. The combination of the compact short iron and the long iron’s offset offers a fantastic set for the golfer, which mixes playability and forgiveness.

TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set Review

TaylorMade M5 is considered the best set of iron for a mid handicapper by many. It is one of the few iron sets with speed bridge. This allows for a faster thru-slot Speed Pocket. It also has an added stiffness on the perimeter of the club, which allows for higher ball speed by decreasing the amount of energy lost during Impact. It has several other features like the HYBAR compression, fluted hosel, and 360A undercut, which makes this one of the best sets available for a 10 handicap.


  • Speed bridge:
    This set has a speed bridge structure which provides more speed when you hit the ball
  • Improved sound and feel:
    Speed Bridge also supports the top line, which reduces the vibration providing better sound and feel.
  • Forgiveness and Playability:
    Fluted Hosel and 360-degree undercut make the set much more forgiving while also improving the launch angle and ball speed.



Fast and forgiving

The price can be deal-breaker

Perfect launch angle for increasing speed of the ball

Great sound and feel


The TaylorMade M5 Model comes packed with technologies. It is one of the more advanced sets among the ones available in the market. The Speed Bridge structure, along with the Thru-slot Pocket provides a compact design with amazing speed and extra distance. The HYBAR is also a great upgrade in this set, which removes all kinds of unwanted vibrations. All these features make this M5 set an excellent set for a mid handicapper, including a 10 handicap.

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Iron Set Review

10 handicap players are skilled enough to know how and when to add some spin in their game. This set is particularly good for those individuals who want to add some spin. This Cobra F9 is also good for providing long distances and forgiveness. So if you’re a 10 handicap looking for a good set, then you definitely need to consider this one as your choice.


  • CNC Milled Face along with grooves that provides improved spin and trajectory performance
  • Electrically enabled grips that work with apps to give you the ability to track your stats and improve your game
  • Shorted hosel in some irons which provides lower CG for better launch and distance, Taller hosel in other irons for more controlled shots 



Excellent stability and forgiveness

One of the most expensive sets of iron

Amazing distance and control

Low CG offers better launch and ball trajectory


The Cobra F9 is just an exceptional set of iron, which you must have you love the game of golf. This set allows you to customize your hosel based on how you want to play. You can increase or decrease the length according to your requirement of short and long-distance shots. The tungsten weighting in 4 to 7 irons provide long and more accurate trajectories that are forgiving as well. This is something which you must have if the budget is not a matter of concern for you.

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