Best irons for weekend golfers

best irons for weekend golfers

Buying a new club is always a mixture of what looks good and what’s going to work. This is particularly true all through the set. However, it is specifically the case if you’re picking out your irons. Certainly, if you’ve been playing for a couple of years, you may know what to purchase. However, for beginners and weekend players, this is not the case. In fact, everyone up to medium handicappers must think very carefully prior to picking, particularly if they are searching for the best gold iron for weekend golfers. 

Over the last 10 years, picking the best gold irons if you are starting has become both much easier and complicated. Today, there are lots of sets to select from, some of them aimed specifically at the learner golfer. The problem is now picking the right needle in which gigantic haystack!

Top 3 best irons for weekend golfers

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best irons for weekend golfers Reviews

Golf irons are essential clubs in every golfer’s bag. With the diverse kinds of iron available, the knowledge of which one to utilize is essential. So, this article is planned to give you the knowledge about the best gold irons for weekend golfers. 

Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set Review

If you are looking for the best gold iron for weekend golfers, look no further than Cobra Men’s F-Max One Length Gold Iron Set. This state of the art golf iron has been redesigned for seven iron weighting. It is made with optimized geometries for reliable and dependable trajectory and gapping of distance from a long iron to a wedge. 

The F-Max has a lower profile clubhead style that shifts CG low and back for a better launch. On the other hand, the more profound style makes more face flex for the utmost speed of the ball on off-center hits. The progressive head structure of this golf iron makes use of thinner, 17-4 stainless steel in long irons for better speeds as well as distance, while the soft 431 stainless steel in short irons for soft touch and precision. 

Swing weights and lighter shafts encourage the utmost clubhead speed as well as the distance for slower swing speed. It has offset hosel style intended for a higher trajectory with draw bias for a straight and precise approach. 

Weight is tactically placed back and heel ward to encourage more forgiving as well as straighter ball flights. On the other hand, the specialty wedge styles in the SW and GW offer additional versatility as well as control in a shot around the greens. It has nickel chrome plating that provides better appearance and toughness for fantastic looking ad long lasting irons. It is also integrated with bigger, midsized grips, which boost consistency as well as comfort with each swing.



Towering ball light and straight to draw flight bias

Lack of adjustability is a turn off to a lot of golf players 

The ball speed, distance as well as forgiveness is extremely good. 

Launch angle is too steep 

It offers simplicity in swimming all through the set afforded by the One Length configuration 

Very affordable 

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set Review

One of the best clubs available today is the TaylorMade Gold M2 Iron Set. State of the art M2 iron is perfect for newbie and intermediate players. It is long and forgiving. The fact slot system helps in a lot in making this club superb and exceptional. What makes apart is that the height trajectory is high. This is highly recommended to weekend golfers. 

This gold iron has been totally remade. Engineers have made an improved performing face slot of this iron. The leading edge has been minimized by 33 percent. This permitted for a remade face slot to provide a faster swing speed upon impact. 

It is integrated with a new sped pocket. The objective of this pocket is to provide a faster ball speed and quieter swing in general. Speed pocket lessens wind drag on the club and speeds up the swing. 

There is also development on the hoses to create a lower and larger center of gravity. This improvement will make M2 iron extremely forgiving as well as sustain the straight traveling of the golf ball. 

This iron totally smashes the ball. Players will notice a considerable amount of distance added to the shorts. This is designed professionally that you must club down as the shorts will travel farther. 



Remade to provide long distances, strike the ball to the greens 

A lot of users complained that M2 strike the ball too high. It is hard to control for first time use, so you need to practice more.

Looks amazing, with a sleek and compact design 

The latest Face Slot system provide a more muffled sound during impact

Overall style increases forgiveness that makes it handy for amateurs or beginners 

Great, reasonable price 

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron Review

If you are looking for an iron that is cheap compared to the leading models yet perform very well, look no further than Callaway Rogue Irons. This state of the art iron set features a multi-material structure which utilized high quality materials, similar face cup system found in the Rogue woods and an excellent way of boosting the feel and sound at impact, this iron from Callaway provide all the needed attributed of a gold improvement club in a cheap and extremely attractive package.

The integrated 360 Face Cup system is combined with a VFT or Variable Face Thickness system to enlarge the part of the face, which offers fastball speed. The integrated face-up system makes use of a shallow, extremely flexible rim within the border of the face, which flexes as well as releases at impact to boost the speed of the ball.



Amazing distance and slow spin due to the integrated face cup as well as variable face technology

Despite the latest technology to boost the feel and sound of this iron, many users still experience a harsh click at impact.

Easy to hit and mis-hits provider a bit difference in dispersion and distance to shots hit on the sweet spot.

Some users also commented that the Epic iron, which is released in the previous year, is way better than this.

Lightweight steep along with graphite shafts combined with clubheads for balance feel in the swing

Extremely reasonable

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