Best irons under 400

Best irons under 400

If we go through a golf bag, the essential thing that will come to our notice is the golf irons. Yes, it is the golf irons that help you to get the perfect shot that you have been practicing for a long time. However, if you think that you cannot deliver the best shot of yours, then maybe the problem is with your golf iron and not with your skill.

There are several brands available in the market which offer you to provide the best quality product. However, among so many brands and so many options, it could be a little overwhelming for you to find the best option. We understand the satisfaction comes after hitting the long ball and getting the perfect shot.

Therefore, here we are helping you select the most suitable one for you that will give you the utmost satisfaction while playing.

Top 3 irons under 400

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Irons under 400 Reviews

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Individual Iron Review

The first in line, we have Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Individual Iron for you. This line up is offering the best well rounded, multi-metal construction golf iron for all golf lovers. It could be one of the top pics for you when you are looking for the best irons under 400.

The new models have a unique shiny chrome finishing with a higher toe leading and thinner topline. This one is more comfortable to grip if you compare it with other models. All thanks to its carbon steel body and vibration-dampening urethane microspheres.

As it was created with multi-metal construction, it was infused with 50 grams of tungsten and resulted in a more flexible face cup. The usage of the tungsten makes the golf iron perform much better for ball flight, shot-making, and so on.

Consistent Distance
This one of a kind golf iron that has a 360 Face Cup. A face cup has a flexible rim around it that helps you to hit the fastball while releasing the full impact. The face is created in a way that you can smoothly go for the pinpoint shot with it.

The iron has a beautiful way, and it is carrying a classic appearance. It provides every professional player the look that they are always like to see, for instance, thin top line, a straight leading edge, smooth ''hosel'' transition, and so on. The unique design is perfect for tour performance.

Forged Steel Body
It has a forged steel body that can give you the apex feel and sound when you are using it. The golf iron also has several tiny air pockets that can easily absorb the unwanted vibration, and you can enjoy your game without any interruption.



Accuracy is one of the top features of this piece. It can easily improve your game as well as provide you with sufficient forgiveness.

The size can be a bit larger for some people

A sturdy, long iron that you are looking for with decent stopping and spinning power

Long iron can be difficult for beginners

Enough power to help you strike through the tall grasses or other tricky areas

TaylorMade Rocket Bladez 2.0 Iron Set Review

TaylorMade is quite a unique name in the golf course because of its spectacular golf irons. And the Rocket Bladez line up of them is every golf player's dream.

Increased Ball Speed
This improved version of Rocket Bladez is all about ball speed. TaylorMade has successfully created the number one distance iron. Also, the manufactured updated their designing of the golf iron and improved it for increasing the spring effect on it.

More Forgiveness
In this new build, you can experience more forgiveness more than the previous times. With the increased forgiveness, you will barely miss a shot, and every time you strike, it brings you closer to your victory.

Advanced Designing
Seeing it initially, you may think that it is a bit chunky and may not work for you. However, the moment you use it, you come to know that they are convenient. Despite the name, it does not have blades, and it is also not much thick on the top.



Improved designing with an inverted cone; helps to improve accuracy

The price tag could be a little higher for the beginners

Rebounds and face flexes help increasing the ball speed

The progressive offset helps to have a better straight shot because of its square face

The use of polyurethane easily fills the speed pocket while it can easily eliminate unnecessary vibrations

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron Review

This is one of the best irons under 400 that you can find in the market. The designing and the power-packed technology of it leads to the utmost performance that every golfer dreams about.

It is designed in such a way that it can help every player to smash every shot that they are going with. The tungsten that it uses is specifically designed to offer you a better launch.

Also, the urethane microspheres have been used precisely so that they can help to minimize the unnecessary vibration, and they can also enhance the sound effect if you are looking for such things.

Swing Quality
The excellent forgiveness, flexible thickness of face, and the 360-cup technology helps you to get the perfect swing that you are always looking for. Also, as it has a variable face thickness, the model helps each golf player to deliver a spectacular ball speed.

The golf iron has a brilliant lightweight designing with the heavier weight on the clubhead. And the grip of the iron is every firm as expected.

The model has an excellent launching facility. The manufacturer has created a comfortable launching quality by combining the high ball speed as well as improved distance. The tungsten used in the iron is placed just behind the center zone.



360 cup technology for absolute performance

There are no such cons of the iron.

Improved speed and distance feature

Excellent playability for everyone, even beginners can enjoy it

It is effortless to launch

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