Best Low Handicap Irons

Best Low Handicap Irons

Golf players have different handicaps, which depends on how they play. Well, are you a low handicap player? Then, you must have the best low handicap irons to improve your game. Low handicap players can fall in the range of 7 to 20. With the right equipment, you can enjoy and enhance your skills in golf. However, there are many low handicap irons available in the market, so you must pick the one that can meet your individual needs. In order to help you with that, the following are some of the best low handicap irons you can use to level up your golf experience.

Top 3 Low Handicap Irons

Low Handicap Irons Reviews

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons Review

The Titleist 718 AP3 Irons can be your reliable gear for your passion for golf. It is highly recommended for low handicappers. It comes with regular shaft flex and steel shaft material. If you have high standards for the design of low handicap irons, you can go no wrong with this model. It has an elegant and beautiful finish that suits your standards.

The Titleist 718 AP3 Irons has a high MOI design that allows you to play at your best. The iron features a highly innovative hollow-blade design that comes with high-speed face technology. It has excellent turf interaction, so you can make excellent shots around the green. Using the Titleist 718 AP3 Irons, you can have a lower ball launch with lower spin.

These irons are built to last and excellent distance iron for low handicap golf players. This have a slightly wider sole that allows you to find the ball on a tight fairway without bouncing into the impact. 



Longest and fastest low handicap irons you can avail in the market today

Some players can find it hard to get used to this equipment

This also comes with tungsten weighting to increase the speed of the ball across the face 

Sometimes, the iron can be a little bit slippery especially when it gets wet

The iron also comes with thin and unsupported L-face insert which can launch high and long shot-stopping spin even on longer shots 

This is perfect for both amateur and professional golf players. It provides great performance to offer you an enjoyable golf game

It is perfect for players who want distance and workability. It will help to improve your scoring by enhancing your golf abilities

Callaway Apex Pro 2019 Review

Another efficient low handicap iron is the Callaway Apex Pro 2019. It is forged tour performance gear with more advanced distance technologies. It can offer you a soft feel due to its forged 1025 mild carbon steel body. The product is also engineered with 350 face cups into a tour performance iron to increase the distance consistency. If you seek more distances for your game, this gear can greatly help. This iron has an impressive design that will offer you with greater satisfaction for your golf equipment needs.

It has a higher toe, straighter leading edge, thin top line as well as smooth hostel transition. It has Tour-influenced shaping and design for a more classic appearance. It is built with high durability. It comes with tungsten-infused multi-material construction that can boost optimum ball flight, shot-making, and control. This features urethane microspheres into a forged iron and gives a decent feel.

The gear has a forged cavity that offers the exact feel and more forgiving 360 face cup. This comes with true temper elevate tour 115 for low spin, so you can make an optimal land angle on the greens. It has a premium feel and excellent durability, so you can concentrate more on your target. The low handicap iron comes with proprietary vibration suppression system technology that offers about 56% vibration dampening while keeping a critical shot feedback. The iron also comes with great durability, accuracy, and performance. It has a compact and sleek head size, which makes the iron easy and comfortable to use; it adds distance to your shots to improve your scorecards.



It offers a tour-level design without sacrificing the distance and speed of the ball

You also need more practice to get used to this low handicap iron

The irons can be matched for medium trajectory, moderate temp and medium spin

The loft angles of this iron are not optimal

The Apex Pro iron has a graphite or steel shaft. You can go for graphite shaft if you are a low handicapper because it is lighter compared to steel

Graphite shafts can generate more flex to produce more distance even on low swings 

The 50g of the tungsten can bring the center of gravity into the proper position 

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Review

Are you looking for sleek, designed low handicap iron? If yes, the Mizuno Mp-18 MMC iron is for you. It is built to last to make the best experience for your golf habit. The shaft of this iron is made from steel that offers a stiff flex. With this, it can give you a great feedback and feel during the impact time. It is considered as one of the best low handicap irons in today’s modern generation. The money, effort, and time you invest in this iron are all worth it. You can also improve your skills in golf with this iron.

It features a 1025E mild carbon steelhead, which is truly elegant looking. It has modus 120 stiff shaft that can help you to have an efficient shot and strokes. It has multi-material construction for efficient performance. The quality of this iron can be a good investment for your time and money.



Non-glare, satin nickel as well as chrome finish that is truly an impressive design

Some users complain that the iron doesn’t look even slightly forgiving

Nice feedback, so you can change your game in a better way

Less club weight may not be preferred by some.

Good-looking and elegant appearance that can match the taste and standards of different golf players

Sharp and solid feel and can be perfect for low handicapped golf players

The Mizuno Mp-18 MMC iron has a tough and durable construction for a long-lasting efficiency