Best low spin driver

Best low spin driver

Golf is one of the most popular games around the globe. Its popularity across the nation keeps on increasing day by day. The game is mainly played by the people from the upper section of the society as it is a costly affair to afford all the types of equipment required by a player for playing golf. There are multiple types of equipment available in the market which are required for playing golf.

One of the most important equipment required for playing golf is a low spin driver. If a person wants to give his or her shots a significant amount of time as well as appropriate distance then it becomes very important for him or her to impart spin to the golf ball from which he or she is playing. The two main things which guarantee a rotation of higher degree are the construction of the ball as well as the construction of the club. After the passage so much amount of time, a lot of people realised that many players were limiting the spin which they got on their shots with their driver allowed them to cover more distance from the tee. To serve the purpose mentioned hereby low spin drivers were used.

There is a very important point that should be kept in mind before buying a driver, providing lower spin as well as a lower launch is that while the models that we will tell you about here, have been built in a way to provide a lower amount of spin than the models which are considered 'standard' (these models have typically between 300 - 500 rpm less), they will not, on their own provide a lower launch to every person who plays with it.

Top 3 low spin driver

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To get a lower launch they need to be properly set up for the swing and they also should be fitted with the correct shaft. The same driver clubhead can give a very significant amount of variances in spin, dispersion, launch, carry distance, angle of descent along with the torque, weight, flex of the shaft along with a range of other factors. So, here we will tell you about the top 3 low spin drivers.

Low spin driver Reviews

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver Review

In this epic flash driver, the user will get a very new Callaway technology. This technology is called Flash Face. This technology helps the golfers in getting more amount of speed in their shots from a greater amount of distance. With Flash Face, your call will go farther as well as faster.

The architecture of the flash face was created by the use of Artificial Intelligence. This is probably the first instance where artificial intelligence has been used in the industry of golf equipment. In addition to this, machine learning has also been used by the computers which cycled through near about fifteen thousand iterations, learning from every single one of them before eventually arriving at Flash Face.

The crown, as well as the sole, has been stabilized with the help of stiffened up internal jailbreak bars. This places more impact load on the face and hence eventually promotes faster speed of the ball. It has got a very advanced head shape in addition to internal weighting which eventually creates a very unique combination of low spin in a player's driver as well as high MOI. This results in a long-distance as well as more amount of forgiveness.



More ball speed for more distance

Bad customer support

Jailbreak technology

Doesn't hits very long and straight

Triaxial carbon crown

Adjustable perimeter weighting

TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Fairway Review

The TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Fairway has been designed with the Twist Face technology. It has been housed inside a very powerful frame of steel which creates a combination of feel, forgiveness as well as distance. This is something that users might not have seen in steel wood.

It has got a new inertia generator which can hold a very large amount of mass and that too within a sleek and aerodynamic sole design which eventually creates more speed of the clubhead along with the ultra-satisfying feel of the maximum amount of forgiveness. It has also got a very aggressive sole speed pocket, which makes flush with a new TPU insert which combines with the curved lower face shape. This improves playability as well as the speed of the ball.

The product has got a manufacturer's warranty of two years. It has got a hand orientation of the left hand. The product has got a weight of 1 pound. The divergent face masking along with the modified internal weighting which provides additional draw bias in a ball fight.



Twist Face

No cover included

Advanced speed pocket design

Top paint scrapes easy

Multi-material construction

Draw biased design

TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood Review

This product has been designed with a twist face technology. It has been housed within a very strong as well as powerful steel frame so that a great combination of feel, distance as forgiveness is experienced by the user which has never been felt by them in a metal wood.

With the new inertia generator, the product holds up a large amount of mass and that too within a very sleek as well as aerodynamic sole design so that more clubhead speed is created which provides a satisfying feel of the maximum amount of forgiveness.

This product has got an aggressive sole speed pocket, which is made flush and that too with a new TPU insert which is combined with a more curved lower face shape. This, in turn, improves playability as well as ball speed.

It has been made with a right-hand orientation. The product has got a weight of 1 pound. In addition to all this, the product has also got a manufacturer's warranty of two years. It has got improved slot flexibility for a larger COR area.



Twist face

Not adjustable

Multi-material construction

Bad customer support

Advanced speed picket design

2 years manufacturer warranty

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