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Golf players adore mallet putters because of their notable control and stability with which they stroke the ball and deliver a shot. Mallet putters, unlike blade putters, tend to be more forgiving in terms of direction because of their unequal weight distribution. Usually, the weight in a mallet putter is away from the club face. In fact, midsized mallet putters tend to be typically toe weighted.

Midsized mallet putter have a larger surface area on top of the heads. This area has been used to improve alignment with the ball. In fact, different models provide a variety of shapes, colours and lines in place to help you line up your putter with the ball.

People- from professional players to absolute beginners- prefer mallet putters for their stability. Due to focusing mass in the head, the putter torques less. Due to torqueing less, the putter comes into perfect contact with the ball and sends it straight into the hole!

Top 3 midsize mallet putters

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Midsize mallet putters Reviews

Kick X Midsize Mallet Putter Review

This Midsize mallet putter is more than your ordinary, conventional mallet putter. This putter has a beveled face design that works wonders on your shots. The mallet putter uses its face design to get rid of any left during a stroke, and delivers a perfect shot. This is far from the technology of conventional putters, who don’t usually focus on the lift. The sole of the mallet putter also comes with Deep CT grooves.

Fairway woods can be problematic in a way that they fail to provide a clean, direct hit during the game. However, the CT grooves on this wood reduce any possible drag on the fringe of the club. By doing so, they allow you to have complete power over your shot and deliver a shot worth boasting about.

Alignment is one of the most important and impactful features when it comes to golf. A good alignment system supports players by indicating the placement of the stroke. This can enhance the skills of a professional and be of a great help to beginner players. In fact, Kick X has an enhanced alignment system that does a great job of helping players. Bold and noticeable lines are placed on the wood to direct a player into making a good stroke.

The Kick X midsize mallet is also composed of a spectacular design that levels every layer with a sleek feel and notable responsiveness every time they take hold of their putter. A good feel instills confidence in the player through a serviceable putter. This midsized mallet putter is also designed to support right hand users through a center shaft technology.


  • A face design that delivers well placed shots.

  • Remarkable feel and responsiveness.

  • Alignment helps player to locate exactly where a stroke is to be hit.

Odyssey 2018 O-Works Putter Review

Are you looking for a putter that has it all? Integrates the best technologies with the best designs to send your putts rolling into their holes? Odyssey O-works putter is, then, a choice you should look into while looking to buy a quality putter. The Odyssey O-work Putter is typically designed for right hand users, and is built in the style of marxman. It has a Winn AVS Mid-Size pistol Shaft style type to get your balls through the hoops of golfing.

This o-work putter features a never seen before micro hinge face insert. It is one of the first putters to implement such technology into its functioning. The micro hinge face insert allows easy roll across the underlying path that leads your ball to its hole. The putter is also sleek and has a mesmerizing feel owing to its all-black finish, and can give you the feel of an absolute champion on the golf course.

The o-work putter is guaranteed to feel all kinds of amazing and balanced once you hold it. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to manipulate distance and speed control through this putter with no difficulty whatsoever.

This putter also constitutes the typical features of sponsoring easy alignment with the ball, and giving you a balanced grip on your strokes. It also has a balanced face that sends your ball rolling well and with purpose.

Moreover, its perimeter weighting can be helpful in case of off center shots that may lack in speed. The right perimeter weighting can help a stroke retain good speed. This putter is said to emulate much of the mallet style putters and are easy to use.


  • Easy and flexible grip is available.

  • The delivered roll remains unmatched in terms of speed and straightness.

  • The black finish gives it a professional air.

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Putter Sr500 Review

With the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Putter, you don’t need to stop and consider other options. The silver ray putter combines all the best features into its putter to give you the best putting experience.

The Silver ray putter has been designed, by keeping in mind- many new styles and quality features. The Silver Ray Putters are coated with a mesmerizing black finish, and are sub-layered with red and white detailing that makes this putter absolutely eye catching.

The putter is also gifted with a sleek and soft feel midsize grip. You can hold your club repetitively for hours together without feeling any uncomfortable strain in your fingers.

This silver putter has a lie of precisely 70 degrees, and a loft of 3 degrees. It is made to be used by players who are right hand oriented. The grip is one of a soft midsize paddle kind that makes playing golf for a long time an easier, smoother and softer feat. Your hands will never get tired! The Silver Ray also comes with a head cover to protect delicate parts and keep them safe for use in the long run. This putter has a head that is precisely weighted and balanced to improve the fluidity of the stroke as well as the putting consistency.


  • The weight is distributed well through the putter.

  • The grip is comfortable and is of a reasonable size.

  • The balance with the offset feels great.

  • It is highly durable.

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