Best Putter of All Time

Best Putter of All Time

A putter is one of the most repeatedly used golf clubs. It is an integral part of your overall game experience. Also, your putting skills depend upon the quality of your putter. That is why it is so important only to buy the best quality putters to improve and develop your putting skills and increase your game scores.

Putters come in different sizes and colors. Also, they have various features. One putter, which is excellent for one person, may not be the best for another. So, depending upon your preferences and needs, you can select the putter that suits you best.

Here is a detailed review of the top-three best putters of all time:

Top 3 Putters of All Time

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Putters of All Time Reviews

S7K Standing Putter Review

One of the primary features of this putter that sets it apart from the rest is its exclusive free stand-up feature. With the S7K Standing Putter, you never have to worry about the right alignment.

The shaft and grip together weigh only 50 grams that provide you a better swing. This putter has a free-standing feature. This means you can set the putter behind the ball before hitting. Then you can freely walk around to check the alignment. This makes it possible for you to correct any mistakes and get your perfect aligned stroke.

Another great feature of this putter is that its sweet spot is located right at the center. This allows you to focus on the very point and have better strokes.


  • Free stand-up feature to give you a perfect alignment
  • The sweet spot is located at the center for solid strokes
  • Lightweight grip
  • arrow-circle-right
    One year warranty



If you want to practice and need help to improve your alignment, this is an ideal pick

Some players may not prefer the foam grip

Easy to use, ideal even for beginners

The price of this putter is a little high as compared to other putters

Our Verdict

The S7K Standing Putter is an excellent pick for you if you want to improve your alignment while putting. The unique standalone feature makes it easier for golfers to check and reset their alignment easily. It is really easy to use, making it ideal even for beginners. With the three guidelines on its head, you can accurately measure the direction of the ball and focus on the sweet spot.

Even though the price of this putter is on the expensive side, yet it delivers some great features and is worth every cent you spend on it. This putter is suitable both for men and women.  

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter has been loved by many golfers because of its sleek design and attractive look. However, there are several other features that make this putter one of the best putters of all time.

The high-quality insert of this putter has improved sound and feel, improving your overall game performance. The full-shaft offset system of this putter provides you an upward strike as it ensures that your hands are placed ahead of the ball on impact. It improves your alignment as well as provides consistency and accuracy.

This putter is tour tested, and its eye-fit technology is mirror-based, which makes it easier for a player to select the right type of head shape.


  • Latest and improved inserts
  • Toe/Heel Weighting
  • Alignment aids
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    Full-Shaft Offsets
  • arrow-circle-right
    Eye-Fit technology
  • arrow-circle-right
    Sleek Design



This putter helps improve alignment and provides consistent accuracy

Many golfers might find it difficult to get used to this putter

It has tight tolerance for consistent performance

It is highly durable and limits glare

This putter is quite expensive

Consistent and improved feel and sound

Our Verdict

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter is an excellent blade putter that comes with an improved White Pro insert. This insert provides a consistent feel and sound. It also helps you in improving your alignment and enhances your overall game performance. 

This new, improved putter has been made through a laser milling process, which makes this putter high-tolerant. This putter is suitable for both beginners and professionally skilled golfers. Overall, it has an excellent feel and improves your putting skills and short game.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Review

This putter has been made with a whole new concept of weight distribution and shafts, breaking down all traditional methods and norms of putters. Odyssey came up with an innovative idea of combining a steel tip with the upper section made of graphite for enhancing overall game performance.

The new weight distribution of this putter takes away about 40 grams of weight off the putter and puts an extra 10 gram of weight in its head. And also, 30 grams of the weight is added to the grip. The grip is lighter than most other putters that make this a counterbalanced putter.

The counterbalanced concept is not new to the golf world. However, what sets this putter apart from the rest is that it includes the counterbalance concept without adding any extra weight.

This putter gives you more control over the putter head and also provides consistency in your game experience.


  • Upper body material: Graphite
  • Tip material: Steel
  • New and improved weight distribution technology
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    White Hot Microhinge Insert



It has a lightweight, counterbalanced technology

It is expensive

This putter comes with a headcover

Since it has a slight clicking sound to it, some players may not prefer it.

This also adds great forgiveness in your overall swinging skills.

Our verdict

This putter comes in different types of heads. Depending on whether you like blades or mallets, you can select from the option. This has a lightweight feel to it despite the added weight. This putter will help you gain more control and consistently improve your putting skills. The whole idea of this putter is to give you better control and balance with the new weight distribution system. Also, with this putter, you will surely see an improvement in your tempo.

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