Best Putter Under 150

Best Putter Under 150

A putter is one of the most essential clubs that you carry in your bag. Putters are game for shot game, and it is something which you should totally focus on. It can either make or break your game. It is vital to find a putter that fits your style. There are different types of putter that you can find without breaking your bank. It is essential to look at aspects like size, weight, and design. However, the most crucial aspect for every player should be weight. Here are some of the best putters which you can find for under $150:

Top 3 Putter Under 150

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Putter Under 150 Reviews

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is one of the best putters which you can find just under the price of $150. It has a much darker look compared to its predecessor giving it a very sleek design. Keeping aside the design, there are several other features that make this putter a favorite for many golfers.


  • White Hot Inserts: 
    The putter has the feature of white-hot inserts, which gives it an excellent feel and sound. This also improves the overall performance of the club as well.
  • Heel/Toe Weighting:
    This ensures more forgiveness and a better response.
  • Alignment Aids:
    This alignment aid gives the golfers more accuracy and consistency
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    Full Shaft Offset:
    This ensures that the hands stay ahead of the ball on strike so that you can always get an upward strike
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    EyeFit System:
    The EyeFit System allows the golfer to choose the proper head according to the setup.


This putter comes packed with amazing features for its price. The improved White Hot Inserts is one of the best features as it gives the putter a fantastic look and feel. This putter is great for players who have trouble with getting a squared clubface during impact. The heel-toe weighting also promotes a sizeable sweet spot for good forgiveness, but if you miss the sweet spot, the forgiveness may reduce. Overall, this putter can be a great option if you are in the market for one.



Excellent sound and feel with consistent performance

Not the best very beginners

Maximum accuracy with aid in alignment

Does not come with an oversized putter

Laser milling cutting gives a consistent performance

The blade head design provides an incredible feel

Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter Review

Wilson Staff 8802 is another great putter that comes under the price of $150. It has a classic simple design but looks very elegant. The putter milled from 304 stainless that gives it the ultimate precision, feel, and feedback. The double milling also gives it a perfectly flat face, which is terrific for the roll.


  • Classic head shape: 
    This putter has a classically shaped head which looks similar to those older versions used by several champions of the past
  • Premium Willing:
    The 304 premium milling gives the club excellent precision and feel.
  • Modern Component:
    This putter has some of the contemporary components despite the classic look. The True Temper Head Shaft is designed to give it an outstanding feel with the flared tip melting into the hosel.
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    Stylish Head Cover: 
    The elegant cover perfectly complements the classic design and also protects the head of the putter from any kind of damage.


The simple design of the putter does not possess any kind of unnecessary bells and whistles. The classic head is made entirely out of steel. The ball coming off this club feels soft and sublime. It also provides amazing feedback. The consistency of the roll is also one good thing about this putter. This putter should be perfect for if you are looking for something which has a classic look. The feel and feedback are also one of the reasons why you should buy it.



No design gimmick

Not for people who want something modern

The amazing quality of the construction


Great feel and precision 

Consistent feedback

Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works  Review

Last but not least, the Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works is another great putter that comes under $150. This putter is designed to help players get more forward roll in their strike. This feature is vital when you’re trying to hole putts. This is all possible because of the Microhinge Insert Technology. 

This new insert has two components that have been molded together for maximum performance and feel. The Microhinge plate contains hinges that flex and rebound at impact. This creates more topspin and makes the ball roll more quickly. The Thermoplastic Elastomer Inner Layer also provides a soft feel. This putter also has another feature known as Versa Alignment Technology, which helps the golfers to hit more precisely. 


  • Micro Hinge Face Insert provides unmatched roll
  • New color option including black and red
  • New head shape for a wide range of players
  • chevron-circle-right
    Two grip option – Option 1 is a Superstroke Slim 2.0 and option 2 is a Winn AVS Mid-size Pistol 


This putter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a putter, whether you are a low, mid, or high handicapper. The shape and color look very stylish and modern. This design will be loved by most people. The performance is also excellent. 

The 2018 O-works putter has a mallet head with alignment lines on the face. It is one of the few putters that come under $150, having so many features. The weighted alignment wings, sole weighting, Microhinge Face Insert, Tank counterbalance, etc. makes this one of the best-equipped golf clubs.

The topspin and roll produced by this club are excellent regardless of your stroke. Hence any type of golfer, irrespective of their skill, can use this putter. It also provides an amazing sound during the impact. This putter has a moderate toe hang, therefore making it suitable for players who utilize slight or moderate arcs during their putting stroke. This putter is something that you should definitely consider if you have a budget under $150. 



Stylish and modern design 

More ideal for an average player

Perfect weight distribution

Durable construction 

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