Best square head driver

Best square head driver

A good golfer’s bag boasts a selection of carefully thought-out equipment, each handpicked to serve a distinct purpose. Fancy yourself as quite the player? If yes, you’re likely to have or at least have heard about square head drivers. What is the deal with them, you ask? Well, to begin with, square head drivers provide great MOI, which in turn results in improved flight distance of off-center hits.

Another advantage with square head drivers is that they produce a distinct sound difference between centered and off-centered hits. This way, you get advantageous feedback about what happened. Square head drivers come in both left- and right-handed orientation. Their unique crown offers benefits such as greater power and shot accuracy for golfers.

Listed below are three popular square head drivers. One look at their features, and you’ll understand why they are as beloved as they are:

Top 3 Best square head driver

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Best square head driver Reviews

The TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Left Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Black


With this driver by your side, you can now start a game with confidence. Its head is injected individually so as to assist you in reaching the maximum limit of a ball’s speed. Equipped with the revolutionary Twist Face curvature technology, this driver reduces sidespin. It also delivers straighter shots on strikes that are off-center. Its aerodynamic carbon sole allows 46 grams of mass to be placed on the low and back. This helps increase MOI and lower CG. 

What’s also great about this golf driver is that it features a flexible hammerhead slot. This hammerhead incorporates a Speed Injected Twist face to offer a player benefits such as a large sweet spot. This feature also helps the driver preserve ball speed on strikes that are off-center.

The Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Driver

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Driver Satin Black-Avalanche (Men's Right Hand Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 7 Stiff Flex 9.0)


This revolutionary driver is a combination of low-center gravity, a CNC milled face, and an aerodynamic club head. The coming together of detailing such as a raised skirt and rounded crown, coupled with its rounded edge, provides better airflow for maximum speed. The CNC precision milled face feature in this driver gives it a thin and hot face, ensuring optimal performance.

Titanium sole tips and polymer crown tips in this driver are placed corresponding to the direction of airflow around the club head. This helps reduce drag, which thereby ensures faster club head speeds. PWR ridges in this driver enhance aerodynamics and add a sense of rigidity to the crown structure to create more power – details required to maximize the speed of the ball.

Distinguishing it from other drivers is its cobra-patented E9 technology, which is characterized by its elliptical pattern that works to create a large sweet zone. This detailing helps deliver better speed away from the driver’s face. Giving you, the player, the freedom to control your play are this driver’s loft settings which are adjustable. Use these settings to manage controls such as the trajectory, launch, and spin of your shot. This driver also boasts a customizable CG.

The TaylorMade M4 Draw Type Driver

TaylorMade M4 Women's D-Type Driver (Ladies Flex, Right Hand, 10.5 degrees)

Featuring a corrective face angle on off-center hits, this driver provides reduced side spin and delivers straighter shots. Detailing such as more loft in its high-toe and less loft in the low-heel allows for more consistent spins. This driver’s hammerhead slot serves a distinct function – it allows a lighter and more flexible face, which in turn results in a larger sweet spot.

This driver also delivers on increased ball speeds on low shots and lower unwanted spins, courtesy its flexible center slot. Its unique shape is strategically created to facilitate a solid and explosive sound. Design detailing such as the driver’s reduced sole volume allows a larger and more forgiving face.

A Breakdown of the Structure of Today’s Golf Drivers

Many of the best-known golf drivers today feature a titanium head and a feather-light graphite shaft. Their heads are generally made of steel. Drivers are designed to be light enough to promote good swing speeds, whilst still having enough weight to knock the ball across a good distance.

Things to Consider When Buying a Square Head Driver

Your Skill Level

It is vital that you have an idea about your playing technique because this knowledge makes it easier for you to zoom in on the right type of golf equipment for yourself. Don’t be shy to ask for help from your golf instructor or a pro shop attendant about the same.

The Head Size of Drivers

Larger face drivers are proven to increase momentum and help launch the ball at more speeds. They also tend to have a larger sweet spot than drivers with smaller faces. Large-face drivers are typically best suited for amateur players or beginners. Drivers with smaller club heads have less weight around the perimeter and tend to create more consistent ball launches than their large-face counterparts. They are, therefore, ideal for skilled players who want drivers whose club heads offer increased maneuverability.

The Loft of Drivers

A driver’s loft is determined by the angle of its clubface on the vertical axis. When a club is marked to have zero lofts, it means that its clubface is perpendicular to the ground. The higher the loft, the more chances are that the ball will be launched into the air when hit with the driver.

The Adjustability or Flexibility of Drivers

Certain drivers these days, regardless of their shape, come with adjustable shafts or CGs, so you have complete control over your equipment.

The Driver’s MOI

MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. What this indicates is a golf club’s forgiveness. The higher a club’s MOI, the less likely it is for twisting to occur from the off-center hits. This paves the way for the production of more fairway finders.

The Four Elements to Make a Good Tee with a Driver

These include club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. Factors such as your swing speed and your skill level or technique are important when it comes to starting around, but what’s also important are your driver’s capabilities.

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