Best swingweight for irons

Best swingweight for irons

Swingweight is a crucial concern for the professional golfers as much of the gaming expertise relies on it. If you are stepping into the world of golf, you need to learn how to select the best swingweight for irons. Nowadays you may come across several resources that discuss the potential factors while choosing a swingweight. But we warn you to stay away from self proclaimed experts. Relying on any and every person will affect your decision and in turn you may end up buying the wrong swingweight which ultimately will mar your gaming experience. Today, we are here with a comprehensive guideline on how to choose swingweight for irons. Stick to the end to learn all about it and thank us later!Firstly, let’s briefly discuss the importance of a swingweight. Technically speaking, if you r club doesn’t match with the swingweight, it may not offer you enough comfort during your swing. Naturally, it will affect your gaming skill.Remember, the actual weight of the club and the swingweight always varies. Understanding the difference between the duo is a crucial step to ensure that you have understood the role of a swingweight.Generally, the actual weight of any golf club is mentioned in grams. On the other hand, swingweight is determined by D1 or C9 or some other permutation and combination of letter and number. Now, these measurements are, of course, taken in a swingweight scale. Individual golfers can purchase and utilize these as per their need. For example, take a club of about 5 iron. Now consider adding a lead tape to it. Wherever you put this lead tape, the proper or actual weight of this club will always remain the same. That means, if you place the lead tape on the club head, in the midway of its shaft or even at the grip, the actual weight of the club will remain identical all the time. This will be the original weight of your club combined with the weight of the lead tape. Now consider swinging this 5 iron along with the lead tape placed on the clubhead, then placed in the midway of the shaft and finally when placed on the grip. You can definitely FEEL a difference in their weight depending on the place of the lead tape. Though the actual weight of the club remains the same, the swingweight varies on the basis of the placement of the lead tape on the iron. This is what a swingweight is. More you down the placement of the lead tape toward the top of the club, the heavier it will feel during swinging. On the other hand, if you take the lead tape toward the grip of the iron, it will seem to be too light and you may lose balance while swinging. So, most of the experts consider placing the lead tape in the midway of the shaft so that there’s a balance – it’s neither too heavy nor too light. However this varies from one player to another. Depending on your body weight, expertise, and skill on both the hands, you may pick any suitable place on the club to set the lead tape.

What is the Use of swingweight in Golf

We have already mentioned that swingweight needs to match with the club. Now you may buy clubs from different brands of different shape, size and weight. This is actually very stylish and allows you to get rid of the monotony of playing with the same old club. Also, as a club gets used too much, it loses the earlier grip. Naturally you may want to buy a different club for another brand and of a different fashion. But there’s a problem. The weights of the clubs vary from one brand to another. And once your hand gets set on a particular weight of a club, it’s difficult to play on a different weight. It affects your skill and gaming experience. You may not be able to hit a swing properly. No worry. Swingweight is the right solution. As long as swingweight is there, you need not worry about your flexibility and comfort playing experience. How? Let’s explain.Since swingweight matches with the club, you may adjust the placement of the lead tape on the club to keep your felt weight the same. If your club is too heavy than the one you are habituated to use, you may place the lead tape a bit towards the grip of the club. On the other hand, if the recent club is too light, you may place the lead tape towards the top of the club. That way you can adjust the weight and not affect your feeling. No matter how many times you change the club or whichever fashion you pick for your club, the swingweight will adjust the weight for you.

Measuring swingweight

We have already mentioned that swingweight is indicated through a combination of letters and numbers, C9 or D1 for examples. The letters used in expressing a swingweight includes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. And the numerals include 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Any and every combination of numerals and letters is known as the swingweight point. Remember that you cannot use two letters or two numerals to indicate a swingweight. You must always use one letter and one number from the mentioned group. According to the experts, there are 73 possible combinations for measuring swingweight on the scale. 


No matter whether you are a practitioner or an expert, a comprehensive idea about the swingweight will help you to keep a flow in your game and improve your skills. It will also allow you to deliver your best swing even if your personal club is not with you. You can adjust weight of any and every club and amaze the audience with your best shots.

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