Best titleist irons ever

Best titleist irons ever

Golf is one such sport that needs sharp focus and decent skills to succeed. It requires two things to acquire superior skills - regular practice and best golf equipment. Having the best golf irons and other equipment won't make you the best golf player immediately, but it will surely help you to improve your game.

Here it is essential to understand that outdated and substandard equipment might affect your skill and also have a bad impact on your overall performance. Ask yourself a simple question, after mastering the game, how would you feel if you can perform your level best just because you don't have the right golf irons?
You don't have to spend a lot of bucks to buy the best golf irons. If you research a bit, then you will easily find plenty of excellent irons that are available at a reasonable price. In this post, we will review the 3 best golf irons that are made by Titleist, an American brand of golf equipment. These irons will level up your game and stand you apart from your fellas.

Top 3 titleist irons ever

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Titleist irons ever Reviews

Titleist 718 AP1 Review

The 718 AP1 irons can be the best pick for those golfers who want powerful distance along with ultra-forgiveness. The classic look of this iron makes this product more appealing. The 718 AP1 is powered by advanced technology that makes the iron easy to hit.

This iron will improve the playability as it will allow you to launch the iron high and land it softly. Its shots hold the green and allow the golfer to finish it closer to the flag. Overall it is fair to conclude that 718 AP1 is an all-round performer. It won't just look good, but it will also improve your overall performance.

Titleist doesn't believe in numbers. But if you want to understand its greatness, then you have to analyze its performance in numbers. The fastest ball speed that this iron can generate is 125mph. The carry distance of this iron is around 2 yards that makes it the longest iron.

This iron has a hollow body, and the mid and shorter irons are designed with an undercut cavity. This is the main reason that allows 718 AP1 to provide the best combination of distance trajectory.

The thin and fast face of this iron produces explosive ball speed. The high-density tungsten of 718 AP1 gives users complete shot-stopping control. The MOI of this iron has around 58.5 grams of tungsten per head. It generates higher ball speeds through the face.

718 AP1 delivers the desired look, satisfying sound and feel that a player expects from an iron. This iron also has a leading-edge that provides excellent and efficient turf interaction for consistent and better contact.

Titleist 718 AP3 Review

Titleist is a popular name in the niche of golf. This company has recently introduced some advanced technologies in its manufacturing process. 718 AP3 is a fine result of those advancements. This iron is bigger in size and better in performance than the variants of the AP2. 718 AP3 is also a better choice in terms of handiness.

The head of the iron has a hollow blade construction, which is equipped with a cavity behind the badge. The body of the product is made of stainless steel, and it is forgiving. The mid-sized head of the iron gives it a classic look. The iron doesn't just look or feel good, but it will also improve your game.

The title of the product contains the term "AP". Here AP stands for "Advanced Performance". When it comes to the AP series, AP1 is ideally crafted for improving the performance of the player. AP2 is designed for good players. And finally, AP3 comes in paly, which is made for great players.

This iron has a forged head, which is made of soft carbon steel that gives it an excellent look. The cavity design of this product makes it more stable. Meanwhile, it also allows the players to control their shots with ease. 718 AP3 is featured with stainless steel body at gap wedge and pitching.

If you want to buy AP3, then you also have to understand how this iron is different than AP2 and AP1. In the section above, we have already put some light on their differences. But in this section, we will take a close look at those features that differentiate AP3 from AP2 and AP1.

When it comes to the design, AP3 might look similar to Ap2 and Ap1. But when it comes to functionality, AP3 is far better than the other two members of its family. In case of moderate swing speeds, AP3 iron can carry the ball 6 more yards than AP2.

Titleist 718 AP2 Review

Titleist 718 AP2 looks excellent and feels good in the hand. It has been several years since the AP2 has remained the best pick even for PGA Tour players. This golf iron has everything that a golfer likes, such as a thin topline, thin sole, and little offset. The shorter blade length gives it a competitive edge over other irons.

AP2 is much softer and impactful than AP1 and Ap3. The center hits feel very satisfying. Even a mishit won't sting your hands. AP2 also offers a reasonable amount of forgiveness. While designing this iron, Titleist has used tungsten in its toe and heel in order to make the head more stable. It is such forgiveness that 10-handicap needs.

The spin rate of Titleist 718 AP2 is very high. Other irons of its type offer a spin rate ranging from 4400 to 4900 RPM. But the spin rate of 718 AP2 is 5500 RPM. The spin rate can significantly add or deduct the distance. Meanwhile, it is also important to understand that higher spins rates also stop the ball from going faster on the greens.

So overall, it is fair to conclude that 718 AP2 is an extraordinary performer that offers plenty of distinguishing features. It provides an excellent spin rate that can be beneficial for many people. Meanwhile, you also have to understand that, in the end, fitting is the key to boost performance.

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