Best wedge for chipping around the green

Best wedge for chipping around the green

Chipping around the green isn't something that can be easily done. But practise and following some tips can certainly make you better at it. These tips involve constructing the right foundation first. This will enable you to match the intended shot which in turn will let you hit a solid chip better. You will also have to notice the way you are swinging. If you don't place the club back along the swing plane then it will much harder for you to take the shot. The third thing you should keep in mind is to keep the clubface open when you are taking the backswing. 

But tips can only go so far. What you need to get the shots into the hole is a wedge. But there are a lot of different kinds of wedges available in the market that will let you chip around the green. Some of the best ones which will let you chip around her green with ease are mentioned below

Top 3 wedges for chipping around the green

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Wedges for chipping around the green Reviews

Square Strike Wedge Review

The wedge is solid and heavy to hold and feel. It lets you have more confidence, especially when compared to wedges that are thin-faced. This is because the thin face wedges rotate and dig. Less rotation in this wedge ensures that you can make an easy clean contact and be consistent with it. 

This Square Strike Wedge pitching wedge comes with a beveled leading edge and an extra-wide sole which prevents digging. This ensures that you won't get a chunked pitch. This wedge also ensures that your strokes won't get wasted. Most importantly, these wedges are according to golf rules. This means that you can play without breaking any rules. 

The Square Strike Wedge comes with a putter length of 35.5 inches and a putter angle of 68 degrees. Along with this, it has anti-rotational weighting that ensures that it's easy to control and swing. You don't have to open up your clubface as some tips tell you to do. Also, this golf wedge is short in length which makes it easy to control since there's no need to grip down. The heavy golf head also minimizes the use of wrists and hands. 



Less rotation ensures clean and easy contact. 


Anti rotational weighting makes it easy to swing and control. 

The short length makes it easy to control.

It is made according to golf rules.

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge Review

The Mazel golf wedge comes with a putter length of 35 inches. This ensures that it's easy to hit and then keep the ball out of all the tight spots. The wedge also has a lie of 68 degrees and a head weight of 330g. This along with the anti-rotational weighting makes it quite easy to control and swing. In the end, this will improve your performance as well as your confidence. 

The wedge is made out of stainless steel which makes it light to hold but also easy to clean. It has an extra-wide sole that ensures that there's extra space when it comes to off-center shots. Its beveled leading edge ensures that there's no digging so that shots are not wasted and there are no uprooted pitches. The golf wedge also comes with a CNC Milled Face that ensures that there's accuracy as well as consistency. The low center of gravity, as well as the heavy clubhead, makes it easy to get the ball airborne. 

Along with the above, the wedge has a high-quality rubber grip which makes it easy to hold. It also helps in eliminating the unwanted feeling of vibration. So all you are left with is a consistent and stable feel. Using this grip you will be able to improve on your short game as you will have greater accuracy and control. 



The high-quality rubber grip makes it easy to hold. 

May take some practice to use. 

Its anti-rotational weighting makes it easier to swing and control.

The beveled leading edge ensures no digging.

No unwanted vibration on holding the grip

Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper Review

This wedge is a shot saver. What it means is that you will get to go close to the pin from around the green. Moreover, you will be using this wedge from any hand you like. The wedge is designed in such a way that it can be easily used by a golfer who is left-handed or right-handed. Holding it isn't an issue as well since it's lightweight. This wedge certainly will help in improving the accuracy of the shot. 

It has the length of a putter that has the loft of a 7 iron. Also, the wedge is designed in 2 way which means that it makes for a great tool. This is especially true for that kind of shot that can't be taken from a normal stance. Apart from this, this wedge can be useful for golfers who have a handicap. Also, you should know that the double-faced chippers don't tend to follow the golf rules set in place. 

With this chipper, you will be able to take the shots which seem easy when one watches it, but are difficult. It's very difficult to get those shots done consistently. But this wedge will give you the confidence and reliability to get those shots done. All you have to do is try to pull the ball back into the stance. This will let you be able to successfully chip it way closer and most importantly, more often than ever before. As a bonus, no matter which handed the player you are, you will be able to use this chipper. 



Can be used by both left-handed and right-handed golfers

It is lightweight

The 2-way wedge makes taking hard shots easier

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