Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review [Updated Apr 2021]

Perfect shots are not about luck. It would help if you considered several factors, including your posture and the club. However, the ball is one key factor. Yes, you read it right – golf ball!

Speaking of a golf ball, this Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls are among the top options. This product is carefully designed to help you gain more distance and spin when you take a long-distance shot. 

Sine Callaway Hex Tour Soft has a calculated design; expect that your shots become longer and straighter than other golf balls available out there. With excellent core technology, a golf ball has more control and distance when it glides through the course.

If you are curious about this golf ball, this Callaway Hex Tour Soft review is for you. Let’s get started!

This Callaway Hex Tour Soft may not the latest release from Callaway. However, this golf ball is still in high demand. The product is a perfect option if you are looking for feel, distance, and forgiveness.

This golf ball’s core technology resulted to straighter and longer shots. Its soft cover is designed for a comfortable feel and consistent performance on the wedges and irons. It also comes with a three-piece construction.

Who is this product for?

Callaway Hex Tour Soft is suitable for different player types, such as:

Beginner Golfers

Do not worry if you are a beginner; this golf ball will help improve your performance. Callaway Hex Tour Soft helps in achieving more distance off the tee. It will help new players like you to become disheartened .at the length you search with the driver.

Creative Short Game Players 

Do you love being creative with your shots? Then, using this golf ball is advantageous. Since it provides a soft feel, you can stop the ball more quickly and try different shot styles.

Senior Golfers 

Most senior golfers tend to have less power and strength due to body changes. With this golf ball, seniors can still hit the ball further.

Players with Slow Swing Speeds 

You should consider using this golf ball if you have a problem with your swing speed. The ball’s extra energy produces more distance on the shot.

However, if you are on a budget, Callaway Hex Tour Soft is not for you because it is expensive compared to other options on the market.

What’s included

When you purchase Callaway Hex Tour Soft, you can get:

  • 24 golf balls 

  • instructions

Beware that the box does not include golf accessories or gear like golf gloves or golf tees. If you are looking for these items, you can purchase them separately or look for a kit.


This low compression golf ball is designed to help golfers of different types, especially beginners, improve their speed and distance. Its spin separation makes it unique. The Surlyn cover can stop the shots more quickly while increasing the ball’s durability.

Below are some of the many excellent features of this golf ball:

1. Core Technology 

 Callaway Hex Tour Soft has one of the best core technologies in the market. It is designed to improve the ball’s spin separation to ensure longer shots.

2. High Velocity

The ball produces high velocity. As a result, it travels long distances. This velocity is thanks to high resilience by the top-notch quality ball cover.

3. Straight Lines 

The ball’s high resilience cover can reduce resistance. As a result, the ball will go straighter in the trajectory and then travel above the green.

4. Long-Distance Travelling 

This Callaway Hex Tour Soft is created to travel for a long distance. With the improved spin, the ball can travel farther distances.

5. Engineered Soft Covering 

This golf ball’s cover offers more control in the air. It moves perfectly on the ground to get the ball to the desired stop. The cover is designed and engineered to make the ball feel softer and produce maximum control, distance, and velocity.

6. Versatility 

This ball is not only designed for intermediate or professional golf players but also beginners. It caters to different player needs, making it a versatile option.

7. Durability 

This ball uses polybutadiene material that makes it durable, high quality, and long lasting. The material is also known for its resilience and strength, so the ball will not break easily. Plus, it has resistance to a lower temperature.

8. Soft Feeling 

The product is soft enough, so the vibrations and waves will pass through the club when you hit. The ball’s outer mantle layer is created to be softer than other options in the market.


  • Maintains a super straight path

  • Extra soft and durable 

  • Surlyn cover 

  • Spin separation 

  • 3-piece construction 

  • More control and spin in the greens

  • Low compression 

  • Long lasting and high quality 

  • Cons

  • Expensive 

  • Only white; no color variation 

  • Alternatives

    If you think Callaway Hex Tour Soft does not match your needs, you can consider the alternatives below:

    Titleist Velocity Prior Generation Golf Balls 

    If you want golf balls with color variation, this one is for you! That way, you can visualize it easily in the green. Plus, it offers high flight and improved speed.

    Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls 

    With its color variation, you can easily spot the ball. This golf ball’s exterior is a little bit shinier than other options in the market. However, you can rely on the 352 dimple that retains a significant amount of friction so that you can get a good shot. Plus, it is very affordable.

    Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls 

    This three-piece golf ball is made with a mantle layer design and is incredibly soft. It will give you a straighter flight. Additionally, it is ideal for mid to high handicap players who want to improve their performance.


    To wrap it up, Callaway Hex Tour Soft is a good addition to your gaming strategy. It has all the essential features that can improve speed, control, and performance. Plus, it is high quality and long lasting. Overall, this amazing golf ball can be one of the wisest investments of a golfer can ever make.