Club Glove Last Bag Review: The Ultimate Travel Companion [Updated Feb 2024]

Looking for a reliable and high-quality travel bag that can keep your gear safe and organized during your trips? Look no further than the Club Glove Last Bag! In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this popular travel bag, exploring its features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

The Key Features of the Club Glove Last Bag

The Club Glove Last Bag is a top-of-the-line travel bag designed to provide a durable and functional solution for frequent travelers. Here are some of its key features:

Durable Build

The Club Glove Last Bag is made from high-quality materials, including Cordura fabric, YKK zippers, and premium wheels. This ensures that the bag can stand up to the rigors of travel and last for years to come.

Spacious Design

The Last Bag offers plenty of room for your gear, with a large main compartment that can accommodate multiple suits, shoes, and accessories. It also features several pockets and compartments for extra storage and organization.

Easy to Maneuver

Thanks to its premium wheels and sturdy handle system, the Last Bag is easy to move around, even when fully loaded. It also features a patented Train Reaction System that connects multiple bags for easier transport.

Customizable Options

The Club Glove Last Bag comes in several sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and style preferences. It also offers the ability to customize your bag with your name, logo, or other branding.

Benefits of the Club Glove Last Bag

There are many benefits to choosing the Club Glove Last Bag for your travel needs. Here are some of the most notable advantages:

Protection for Your Gear

The Last Bag provides superior protection for your gear, thanks to its durable construction and padded interior. This ensures that your suits, shoes, and other items will arrive at your destination in top condition.

Convenient Storage Options

With its multiple pockets and compartments, the Last Bag makes it easy to stay organized during your travels. You can easily pack and access your items without digging through a messy bag.

Easy to Transport

The Last Bag’s premium wheels and handle system make it easy to move around airports, hotels, and other locations. And with the Train Reaction System, you can easily connect multiple bags for even more convenience.

Drawbacks of the Club Glove Last Bag

While the Club Glove Last Bag is a great choice for many travelers, there are a few drawbacks to consider:


The Last Bag is more expensive than many other travel bags on the market, making it a significant investment for some travelers.

Limited Color Options

While the Last Bag comes in several sizes, the color options are somewhat limited, which may be a downside for those who prefer a wider range of choices.


Overall, the Club Glove Last Bag is an excellent choice for frequent travelers who value durability, functionality, and organization. While it may be more expensive than some other options, the Last Bag’s superior quality and thoughtful design make it a worthwhile investment for those who take their travels seriously. So if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality travel bag, consider the Club Glove Last Bag for your next trip!