Darrell Klassen Review: Is He Golf’s Best-Kept Secret? [Updated Mar 2024]

Golf is not an easy game to master. It takes years of practice, natural talent, and a great instructor to reach your full potential. If you’re looking for the best golf instructor out there, you’ve probably come across the name Darrell Klassen. But who is Darrell Klassen, and why is he considered one of the best golf instructors in the world? In this article, we’ll review Darrell Klassen’s life, career, teaching philosophy, and methods to see if he’s really worth the hype.

Who is Darrell Klassen?

Darrell Klassen is a Canadian professional golfer and golf instructor. He was born in Neubergthal, Manitoba, in 1951, and started playing golf at the age of 11. Klassen turned pro in 1971 and played in various tours, including the PGA Tour, before retiring in 1987 due to a shoulder injury. After his playing career, Klassen became a full-time golf instructor, and has been teaching golfers of all skill levels for over 30 years.

What Makes Darrell Klassen Stand Out?

There are many qualities that set Darrell Klassen apart from other golf instructors. Here are some of them:

He Walks the Talk

One of the things that students admire about Darrell Klassen is that he still plays golf at a high level. He competes in the Canadian PGA Seniors’ Championship and other tournaments, and usually finishes in the top ranks. This shows that his teachings are not only theoretical, but also practical, and that he practices what he preaches.

He Emphasizes Fundamentals

Darrell Klassen believes that the key to good golf is mastering the fundamentals. According to Klassen, golfers must learn how to grip the club, align their bodies, and swing the club properly before they can add power or finesse to their game. He breaks down the swing into simple elements and drills them until they become second nature.

He Customizes Teaching

Darrell Klassen doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all teaching approach. Instead, he tailors his instruction to each individual student, taking into account their physical abilities, learning style, and goals. He focuses on their strengths and weaknesses and works on improving both, without trying to make them conform to a certain mold.

He Simplifies the Game

Darrell Klassen’s teaching philosophy is based on simplicity. He believes that golfers tend to overcomplicate the game with technical jargon, complex swing theories, and unnecessary gadgets. He strips the game down to its basics and makes it easy to understand and execute.

What Are Darrell Klassen’s Methods?

Darrell Klassen’s teaching methods include the following:

The Easy Swing

The Easy Swing is Darrell Klassen’s signature teaching method. It’s a simple, three-step swing that he developed to help golfers get rid of their swing thoughts and hit the ball straighter and longer. The steps are: 1) Set up correctly, 2) Take the club back without tension, and 3) Accelerate through impact.

The Short Game System

The Short Game System is Darrell Klassen’s approach to chipping, pitching, and putting. It’s based on the techniques he learned from his mentor, legendary short game coach Paul Runyan. The system emphasizes feel, touch, and visualizing the shot, rather than mechanics or rules.

The AimPoint Green Reading System

The AimPoint Green Reading System is a putting system that Darrell Klassen endorses. It’s based on the principle that every putt has a predictable break, and that golfers can learn to read the break by using their feet to feel the slope of the green. The system requires some practice, but can be very effective in improving putting accuracy.

Is Darrell Klassen Worth the Investment?

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, then investing in a good instructor is a wise decision. Darrell Klassen has a proven track record of helping golfers of all levels improve their game and enjoy it more. His teaching philosophy and methods are based on simplicity, fundamentals, customization, and practicality. If you’re tired of complicated swing theories, conflicting advice, and slow progress, then give Darrell Klassen a try. He might just be golf’s best-kept secret.


In conclusion, Darrell Klassen is a Canadian golf instructor who stands out from the crowd. He emphasizes fundamentals, customization, and simplicity, and has developed effective teaching methods such as The Easy Swing, The Short Game System, and The AimPoint Green Reading System. He walks the talk, still competes at