Diamana Ilima 61 Review: Unveiling the Benefits and Drawbacks of this Golf Shaft [Updated Sep 2023]

Are you searching for a golf shaft that can help you improve your performance on the course? Look no further than the Diamana Ilima 61. This golf shaft has been designed with cutting-edge technology to provide golfers with unparalleled accuracy and distance control. In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth review of the Diamana Ilima 61, exploring its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

What is the Diamana Ilima 61?

The Diamana Ilima 61 is a golf shaft that has been engineered for mid-launch and mid-spin. It boasts a high degree of consistency and a stable feel, making it a popular choice for golfers of all levels. If you’re looking for a shaft that can help you hit straighter and farther shots, the Diamana Ilima 61 might be just what you need.

Design and Technology

The Diamana Ilima 61 features a multi-material construction that combines carbon fiber and resin to create a lightweight yet durable shaft. It also boasts a Triax Core, a three-axis weave that provides exceptional stability and feel. This innovative design helps to reduce vibration and improve feedback, allowing golfers to feel more confident with their swings.

The Ilima 61 also features a unique triangular formation of the carbon fiber layers, which helps to prevent the shaft from twisting and turning during the swing. This feature helps to promote accuracy and consistency, allowing golfers to hit more precise shots.

Performance on the Course

When testing the Diamana Ilima 61, we found that its mid-launch and mid-spin characteristics allowed us to achieve a consistent trajectory with our shots. We were able to hit the ball straighter and farther, thanks to the shaft’s stable feel and accurate feedback. The Ilima 61 also provided us with a high degree of control, allowing us to shape our shots with ease.

Benefits of the Diamana Ilima 61

Some of the benefits of the Diamana Ilima 61 include:

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Triax Core provides exceptional stability and feel
  • Triangular carbon fiber formation promotes accuracy and consistency
  • Mid-launch and mid-spin characteristics provide consistent trajectory
  • Improved feedback allows for greater confidence in swing
  • High degree of control allows for shot shaping

Drawbacks of the Diamana Ilima 61

While the Diamana Ilima 61 has many benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Mid-launch and mid-spin characteristics may not be suitable for all golfers
  • The shaft can feel a bit stiff, which may not be ideal for those who prefer a softer feel
  • The high degree of control may not be suitable for golfers who are looking for a more forgiving shaft

Who Should Use the Diamana Ilima 61?

The Diamana Ilima 61 is an ideal choice for golfers who are looking for a shaft that can help them improve their accuracy, distance control, and overall performance on the course. It’s particularly well-suited for golfers who have a mid-to-fast swing speed and prefer a mid-launch and mid-spin characteristic.


After thoroughly testing the Diamana Ilima 61, we can confidently say that it’s a top-performing golf shaft that can help golfers of all levels improve their game. While it may not be suitable for everyone, its lightweight, stable, and accurate design makes it a must-have for those who want to take their game to the next level. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-performing golf shaft, the Diamana Ilima 61 is definitely worth considering.