Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft Review: Unbiased and Honest [Updated Dec 2023]

Golfers everywhere understand the importance of having the right equipment to maximize their performance on the course. One piece of equipment that can make a significant difference is the golf club shaft. Among the many options available, the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft stands out as a top contender. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this popular shaft and explore its technology, performance, and benefits.

Technology of the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft

The Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft features several technologies that make it unique and effective. The first innovation is its Triax Core Technology, which uses a tri-axial, multi-directional layup for improved stability and consistency. This technology aims to reduce unwanted vibrations that can disrupt a player’s swing and affect their performance.

Another significant piece of technology in the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft is its Motion Analysis Technology – MAT for short. This feature helps optimize the club’s design, allowing for an increase in ball speed due to improved energy transfer. This technology uses a 7-axis calibration process that ensures maximum speed and distance.

Performance of the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft

The performance of the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft is remarkable and highly regarded by many golfers. The shaft’s design helps produce a smooth and consistent swing, providing maximum control and distance on each shot. The Triax Core Technology reduces the side-to-side twisting and ballooning, which can result in more accurate shots.

Golfers also appreciate the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft’s kick point, which has been optimized for faster ball speeds and increased distance. Dynamic Flex Profile technology ensures that the shaft’s flexing characteristics optimize impact to generate the most power.

Benefits of the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft is its superior feel, resulting from the Triax Core Technology. This feature delivers a consistent and stable feel that golfers appreciate during their swings. The MAT technology ensures golfers achieve maximum energy transfer while still improving stability and accuracy.

The Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft is also highly versatile and can be used by golfers of any skill level. Players can choose from a range of flex options, including R, S, and X, as well as different weights, from 40 to 70 grams.


In conclusion, the Fujikura Orochi Graphite Shaft is a reliable and high-performing golf club shaft that can improve a golfer’s performance on the course. Its unique technology, exceptional performance, and versatile benefits make it an excellent choice for any golfer looking to enhance their game. With the Triax Core Technology, motion analysis technology, optimized kick point, and dynamic flex profile, this shaft gives golfers an advantage, helping them hit their best shots and perfect their golfing skills.