Fujikura Pro 60 Review [Updated Dec 2023]

Fujikura Pro 60 Review

There is nothing more satisfying than using quality stuff while playing golf. This is the reason why golf lovers like you never miss choosing not just quality but also cost-effective golf shafts. Since you are reading this Fujikura Pro 60 review, it means that you are interested to know more about this product.

In this Fujikura Pro 60 review, you will learn everything about this product. This can also your perfect guide if you don’t know its exact features, price, specifications, and the like.

Fujikura Pro 60

The Fujikura Pro 60 was first released way back in 2015. Manufactured by the leading company named Fujikura, this product is recognized as one of the high-quality golf shafts in the world. It is the newest addition to the company’s product.

This product is a tour-proven, durable line of shafts used by countless P.G.A. professionals to guarantee victories. To make this product more effective and with high-performance shafts, manufacturers use enso technology. This type of technology aims to maximize the dynamism transfer from the player to the clubhead at power. It is also manufactured with Fujikura’s proprietary Hight Inertia Tip or H.I.T. technology, with cage construction and maximum carbon fiber content material. The main purpose of this is for stability throughout the swing to establish more accurate shots. Its custom bending profile also makes a stiffened tip and mid-section with more clemency in the handle section.

Who is this Product for?

The Fujikura Pro 60 is a perfect choice for all golf players, both professional and newbies. However, those who are professional golf players prefer to have this one, especially during golf plays. With its excellent features, this truly fits every golf enthusiast.

If you opt to play golf, this one is for you. This is an ideal option as it only costs $95.00 with a shipping fee of $29.00. With its affordable cost, you can get it anytime you need. You just have to visit Amazon if you are planning to purchase this one.

This product is proven cost-effective considering all its included technology. If you destroy the shaft in your driver and opt to replace it, this one is an excellent option.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this Fujikura Pro 60 for Taylormade R15/M2/M1 drivers, you will find in the box its instruction guide. You will also read its detailed features and specifications.

Overview of Features

The Fujikura Pro 60 is not an ordinary one. It has excellent features that every golf lover never ignores. Here are its amazing features you shouldn’t miss to know:

  • It has a smooth load and medium kick in the mid-tip part
  • Great stability
  • The combination of the blue-on-black logo into the black-on-blue is very sharp and provides no distraction to the player
  • Has a product description of 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches
  • It weighs 2.01 pounds
  • It comes with H.I.T. technology, which stands for High Inertia Tip. Its concept is with a bit more rigorousness in the club tip; the player can get more control
  • The shaft is made with a high amount of carbon fiber content. This carbon fiber helps the shaft tip to be stiff and place towards the butt end of the club
  • It has enso technology that has the ability to measure the shaft, head, and handle at sub-millimeter accuracy before impact.
  • It has a new multi-material bias core that improves overall feel and consistency
  • A lightweight model with advanced stability

The Fujikura Pro 60 also features a cage design. It is a design process that environs graphite shaft fibers in the external walls, having a rigid cage construction. The main purpose of this is to create lighter and thinner walls that have similar control and feel of a heavier shaft type.

This product also has a maximum fiber content that offers greater strength and stiffness compared to a conventional or standard material. This provides increased distance, stability, and feel. It is noted that materials with more high fiber contents are hard to make. In fact, Fujikura Pro 60 is the best high-precision material that offers great structure.

With the stunning features of Fujikura Pro 60, you will surely be enticed to have one. Just make sure to check out each feature before buying to avoid getting the fake one.

How to Use It?

Learning how to use the Fujikura Pro 60 is quite an easy task. There are several ways to enhance your ideas on its exact process. For exact and detailed steps, you can check out its tutorial videos online.


  • Enhanced loading zone materials, allowing the players more distance over more clubhead speed
  • Excellent features making it more durable and functional
  • Low price suitable for all golf players


  • The excellent product comes with various imitations and therefore requires you to pick a reliable shop to get an authentic one.


If you think that this product is not suitable for you, may try Fujikura Pro 73. It is also an excellent bombing combo that offers high speeds, low spin, tight dispersion, and long drives. This product looks great and feels tight and smooth, provides tons of performance, and creates an excellent choice.

The Fujikura Pro 73 features a well-designed bending profile, having a stiffer tip and mid-section. This also provides more forgiveness in the managing department than to the newest gen.

Apart from its advanced technologies, this product is a true looker. It usually catches the attention of most golf players because of its design and top-notch performance.


Choosing the best golf stuff is not as easy as you think. You have to look into its features and qualities to see how worthy that product is. Instead of worrying about what type or brand, or product you will pick, why not choose Fujikura Pro 60? This product is a great driver shaft that will assist a lot of amateur golf players to get more accuracy and distance.

If you have been stressed with your driver and opt to make some improvements, getting more information about this Fujikura Pro 60 can help you in deciding what and where to get this stuff.