Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Review

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Review

Do you find it hard to pick the best grips for golfing? Then, you shouldn’t miss Golf Pride MCC Plus 4. Comes with the hybrid hard cord and half-soft rubber style, this product will completely fit your needs and preferences.  

This review will know everything about this product and recognize what makes this stuff in demand in the market.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Golf Pride has been in the industry for several years and is known for its quality and reliable products.  One popular product is the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4, with a weight of 53 grams and ribbed grip shape, and standard grip size.  It was first introduced in the market on February 9, 2019.

This product is considered a minor twist from the enormously efficacious Multicomponent concept, having the additional softer type of rubber. But, this simple modification has handled to become well-known with some of the most golf players all over the globe.  

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4’s product is a hybrid and tour-proven golf grip that features a bigger lower hand and the latest softer rubber materials. This stuff shams four additional tape wraps to entice lighter pressure of the grip, leading to increased power and reduced tension.

Who is this Product for?

The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is perfect for all golf players, both newbie and professional ones. Its amazing features are easy to use by newbies and perfectly fit for their daily golf schedules.

The product is quite expensive. But, depending on your preferred shops, you may also get discount rates to get more affordable deals.  

What’s Included?

When you purchase this Golf Pride MCC Plus 4, you will get the product itself and labels related to its features and other essential details.

Overview of Features

The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 comes in black and grey with a touch of red hues. The half black top is loaded with a moisture-wicking fiber cord. This feature provides more grip at the upper hand. On the other hand, the half grey bottom is filled with a softer latex that gives the users excellent comfort and feels. Its huge red line running at the grip’s bottom part also adds up to the styles of the grip. It is the configuration ridge made up of micro-diamond touch. It helps with steady and dependable hand placement.  

Another best feature of Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is its signature hybrid texture. If you are using this one, you will feel the clear configuration ridge runs down its back.  Once you get used to this grip, this results to accuracy and better control while you have a firm grip. Aside from that, the product has an extra layer at the hand’s bottom which makes you feel quite bulkier. Most golf players prefer this one because it provides more comfort in their hands.  

This Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 also features new rubber compounds that are quite softer than others. The company claims that both the lower and upper parts of the grip are softer. However, the bottom is 20% softer compared to its upper portion. This product has a .600” core diameter and available in standard, undersize, and midsize types.  

How to Use It?

Golf Pride claims that this product has multiple benefits, and here they are:

• Lighter grip pressure

• Increased power

• Reduced tension

• Lightweight

• Unique texture

• Available in various sizes

• Stylish

• Raised ridge

Among other options, this product provides you with great consistency. The majority of the golf payers are preoccupied with the term “consistency.” Therefore, it’s the ultimate reason why it catches the attention of countless customers online.

No product is perfect, and just like any other stuff, this Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 has both pros and cons. To give you some hints, here are its pros and cons:


This product provides great benefits and advantages to all its users. Some of the advantages that you may get out of using it may include:

• The product remains dry, regardless of all what type of weather conditions in your area.  

• It has a softer feature compared to others and proven to be more comfortable to use

• 4.6% larger on the lower hand section

• There are no chances of them slipping out of your grip

• This product indicates the best hand placement


The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is quite costly. However, some shops provide promotional costs and other discount rates. It is simply a matter of looking for some perfect shops near you.


You may also try the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2 G Grip Kit if you already have this product. This product has 13 strips with 2-inch double-sided grip tape. With various models and products of Golf Pride, you can choose anything you need.  

All you have to do is check out its official website and see the difference between every grip or golf product type. In case you are looking for some affordable type of product, you don’t have to worry about it. The company offers exceptional and discounted rates to its customers.  


Every golf player loves a bigger lower hand in their grip, which makes the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is known for. This product provides a taper-free form, and every feature truly fits your needs and styles.  

If you dearly love having this product, your best move is to look for an ideal shop to deal with. Reading reviews is an excellent way to pick the right one for you. Depending on your choice, you may also seek help from your friends who already purchased this type of product. From their experiences, it is easy to know how the product works and how reliable it is.  

Buying this Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 doesn’t need to be tricky. All you have to do is to check this site on a reliable shop. You may check it via Amazon or other websites online.  

With this Golf Pride MCC Plus 4, you will surely love playing golf, and the experience will be more comfortable and perfect. What are you waiting for? Try this stuff now and be amazed at its great features!