How to drive a ball 300 yards

How to drive a golf ball 300 yards

Hitting the ball 300 yards off the tee is every golf enthusiast’s goal. However, even for regular players pulling off big distances like 300 yards happens rarely. Most of the PGA professionals manage to drive the ball 270 to 300+ yards on average. It is no exception that, pulling off a 300 yards strike is as hard as most people say.

If you are a passionate lover of golf and wants to achieve long-distance driving, the amount of effort put into the practice should be – a lot. Although, most people end up giving up midway, if you are contented to drive a golf ball 300 yards, you have high chances of making perfect a drive with practice.

In this article, we will walk you through some fundamentals to achieve powerful shots.

So, how do you drive the golf ball 300 yards?

Putting effort

Usually, people overlook the fact that golf takes years of practice to master. Having a strong ambition in mind and gradually developing patience – is always the first step to achieving your goal. Everybody starts somewhere, but most people give up at the early stages. Learning to develop your passion is very important; it always takes you somewhere higher.


The speed required to drive the ball 300 yards is 110 mph, it is necessary that you achieve the required speed for 300 yards. Developing new ideas to your comfort and finding the most effective way to achieve more speed. It will help you make drastic changes to your results.


Understanding your body and taking the types of stances into account is vital for every golfer. Taller people have more advantage when driving the ball off the tee; however, striking the ball with the best potential is usually the key to successful long-distance shots.

Knowing the distance

Keeping track of your shot distances is necessary. Most amateurs take time developing their shots as they do not keep a record of their performances. 10 to 20 yards differences can help you discover the potentialities of your shots. It is hardest to understand which posture fits the best of your potential – stance, position, or swing.

Choosing the right club

A right club can make a huge difference to your drive. A 9-iron is capable of driving the ball at an average distance of 120 yards, and its max record of 145 yards. Typically, longer iron sends the ball farther distances.

If you wish to achieve hitting the ball across 300 yards or more, you’ll need to use a driver. Only a driver can achieve such long distances; even professionals pull it off only with a driver.


Timing is as important as accuracy, trusting your senses and striking the ball at a correct time can produce brilliant results. It is very common that people strike the ball before they are calm or ready. Hasty and unprepared shots can affect your performance, as well as shots that are too steady.

The direction and speed of the wind

It might seem too detailed or unnecessary for amateurs. However, the speed and direction of the wind contribute to the travelling distance of the ball. While in mid-air, and at its highest point, the wind affects the speed of the ball. Sometimes, a tee shot may travel longer distances than what you expected. You must analyze your shots and check the wind after any successful shot. Observe how it affects the shots, and you’ll be surprised.

Here are a few tips you may as well try!

Powerful shots

Setting the foot’s posture is the first thing we do when we address the ball. Keeping your legs spread and leaving it wider than normal stance gives more support. You need an excellent coil position to maintain accuracy and better acceleration. With a stable base, you can produce a powerful swing.

Keep a stable right hand and force the swing as you twist your body; the swooshing sound that you hear can mean that you are at a potential speed.

Big shoulder rotation gives extra advantage for acceleration as you swing; many people keep their head idle and focus directly into the ball. However, tilting and rotating you head a little to your right during the backswing will allow you to rotate a little further. Bigger shoulder turn will generate more speed of the clubhead.

If you master the posture, you’ll have high chances of hitting the ball across 300 yards. Touching the turf just slightly can decelerate the speed, and keeping the swing at a right angle is critical.

Power and control

Unlike other shots, the drive needs a lot of power and control; a perfect drive is crucial to ensure victory. There are many reasons why many people want to master driving.

You may not need to load up all the strength for a control drive, but even with a control drive, swinging down aggressively with full power is a must. Some people call it power + control shot. As you swing, keeping your body moving forward and whip all your weight to your left, you’ll have high chances of driving a straight and long drive. When making a control + power drive, you should be confident and trust your swing.

What you need to keep in mind

Golf is fun for recreation, but striving to become a good player is hard. Hitting the turf and sending the ball rolling through the ground is a common thing every beginner’s face. It can be pretty frustrating, but, once you’ve broken the barrier and have started to make effortless strokes, the real experience begins.

Making sure that you are physically fit is important. Typically, golfers don’t run around the field or involve in any rigorous physical activities. The healthy mind demands a healthy body; it takes a lot of concentration for golfers to make moves.

As the game requires a minimum number of strikes, every tiny detail in your shot sets the game. Keeping your thoughts open for new ideas, it will always take you somewhere.