How to remove golf grips

How to Remove and Replace a Golf Grip

When you are more than an amateur and become a fervent golfer, you will notice over time that the grip might have started to get damaged. Is it time to discard the sticks? The answer is no! and rather, you just need to know how to replace the handle of a stick, just by using some basic tools. It is the only necessary thing that you can do to extend the longevity of your favorite golf sticks.

Some Vital Steps to Follow

The first thing you should do before replacing or changing the handle of a club is to clean your golf club right in the grip area. This is supposed to be done, every time you finish the game to prevent it from deteriorating further, with dust or dirt.

Once the handle is removed, use a bench winch, so you can hold the stick during the entire process. Normally this is not a mandatory step, but it will help in the task of handling the golf club more easily.

Use some rubber pads inside the lathe, so that during the process the stick doesn’t seem so tight. You must be very careful because the stick can be easily folded accidentally, in case it is firmly adjusted around the bench’s lathe.

The next step will be to place the golf club horizontally on the lathe. Calculate that it is more or less in the middle, then it will adjust the lathe a bit. Make sure you have enough space to work in the area of ​​the handle.

If you would like to keep everything clean, place a piece of cloth or paper under the stick, so you can keep the floor clean. You must also have some solvent at hand.

How to Remove the Old Handle?

You must have a razor so that you can cut along the entire handle to the inner ribbon. Be careful not to make an extremely deep cut because you could reach the same rod and break it.

Separate the handle from where you made the cut and remove the old one, you can do it with your own hands or use a screwdriver. Removing it is one of the easiest tasks.

Place a few drops of special solvent for grip, just in the area of ​​the cut before removing it. Another option would be to use liquid lighter gas or some similar material.

Now you should remove the adhesive tape from the rod. For this, you can use a razor blade or try to peel it off with your own hands. Clean the rod where the old grip was and the tape, that is, remove the glue residue.

Installation of The New Handle

As the stick is already marked, in the same area, place the double adhesive tape. Just remove the sheet of the second adhesive. In this case, you can use professional quality tape for grip or tapes that you can buy at any hardware store or supermarket. Then, place the tape where the new rod grip will reach.

Apply solvent over the entire adhesive tape and cover the entire surface.

Grasp the new handle, place it and add solvent inside.

Slide the new handle inside to prove that everything is in order. If there is any damage, try to align it before the glue dries.

Let the golf club dry all day before using it again.

With these steps, you will be able to change the grip of your golf club in an easy way and prolong its use, before you have to acquire a new one.

Hope this post helps! Now extend the life of your favorite golf club by removing and replacing the grips whenever you want!