JPX 850 Forged vs AP2: Which Irons Are a Better Fit for You? [Updated Dec 2023]

If you’re a golfer looking for high-quality and reliable irons to improve your game, you must have heard about the JPX 850 Forged and AP2 models. But when it comes to choosing the right one, things can get confusing. That’s why in this article, we’re going to break down the differences between these two popular iron sets and help you make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences.

JPX 850 Forged: The Basics

The JPX 850 Forged is part of Mizuno’s JPX line, known for combining distance, forgiveness, and feel in a single iron. This iron set is designed for players of all levels who want a clean look, reliable performance, and a pleasing sensation at impact. The JPX 850 Forged features:

  • A compact head shape with a thinner topline and sole for a sleek appearance
  • A forged grain-flowed 1025E mild carbon steel body for a soft feel and consistent distance control
  • A Power Frame design that increases forgiveness on off-center shots by redistributing weight to the perimeter
  • A CNC milled pocket on the back of the clubface that enhances ball speed and launch angle
  • A thick topline that provides a sense of confidence at address

AP2: The Basics

The AP2 is part of Titleist’s legendary range of iron sets, recognized for their precision, workability, and shot control. The AP2 has been trusted by professional players and serious amateurs for years, offering a blend of distance, forgiveness, and feedback that few sets can match. The AP2 features:

  • A classic shape with a traditional blade length, sole width, and top line
  • A forged 1025 carbon steel body for soft feel and exceptional feedback
  • A tungsten-weighted design that adds forgiveness and launch without altering the CG location
  • A co-forged high-density tungsten weight on the heel for more stability and tighter shot dispersion
  • A pre-worn leading edge that enables better turf interaction and less digging

Key Differences

Now that we know what each iron set brings to the table let’s see how they compare in some key areas:


Both the JPX 850 Forged and AP2 offer impressive performance, but with some differences. The JPX 850 Forged is designed to deliver distance and forgiveness while still providing a satisfying feel. The Power Frame design and pocket cavity help to increase ball speed and launch, even on off-center hits, while the compact head shape and thicker topline give a clean look at setup.

On the other hand, the AP2 puts a greater emphasis on control and precision. The tungsten weighting and co-forged construction create a sweet spot that feels solid and stable, even on miss-hits. This set also offers better workability and shot shaping capabilities, allowing skilled players to shape shots more easily.


The JPX 850 Forged and AP2 have distinct appearances that reflect their design philosophy. The JPX 850 Forged has a sleek and modern look, with a thinner topline and sole that reduce visual distraction. The clubhead is slightly larger than the AP2, but still compact enough to suit most players’ preferences. The JPX 850 Forged also has a minimal offset that appeals to players who want a classic look.

The AP2, in contrast, has a more traditional and timeless look that appeals to purists. The blade length and topline are thinner than the JPX 850 Forged, and the head is smaller overall. This set has a higher degree of workmanship and detail in its design, such as the pre-worn leading edge that signals a commitment to better turf interaction.


Both the JPX 850 Forged and AP2 have a soft and responsive feel that sets them apart from other iron sets. The JPX 850 Forged uses 1025E mild carbon steel forged in a multi-step process that creates a uniform grain flow and reduces vibration. This set has a consistent and pleasing feel that doesn’t sacrifice distance or forgiveness.

The AP2 also uses 1025 carbon steel, but with a different proportion and forging process that creates a slightly different feel. This set has a more muted sensation at impact, which may appeal to players who prefer a quieter sound and less feedback. However, the AP2 still delivers a precise and powerful strike that gives players confidence and control over their shots.


So, which iron set is right for you: the JPX 850 Forged or the AP2? The answer depends