MP 67 Review: A Comprehensive Look at Mizuno’s Classic Golf Iron [Updated Jul 2024]

Mizuno is a brand synonymous with top-quality golf equipment, and their MP series of irons has always been a favorite of discerning golfers. The MP 67 model, in particular, has been widely praised for its traditional look and feel, combined with modern technology. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the MP 67 iron and analyze its performance, features, and overall value.

The MP 67 Iron: Key Features and Specifications

The MP 67 is a classic muscle-back iron, designed for precision and control. Mizuno’s use of “Grain Flow Forging” technology ensures that the clubhead is created with the utmost precision and consistency. The head is made from soft 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, which gives the club a solid and responsive feel upon impact.

The MP 67 comes in a lofts range from 3 to 9, with pitching wedges and gap wedges also available. The club features a traditional blade profile, with a thin topline and minimal offset, making it an ideal choice for skilled golfers who prefer a compact clubhead. The club’s standard shaft options include True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X Steel, and Nippon NS Pro 950GH.

Performance and Feel

The MP 67 has a reputation for offering a buttery, soft feel at impact, which is highly sought after by many golfers. The club’s solid construction ensures that vibrations are absorbed, resulting in a pure and consistent ball flight. The club’s compact head design allows for plenty of workability and control when shaping shots.

With that said, the MP 67 does require a high level of skill and precision to use effectively. The clubhead’s small sweet spot and lack of forgiveness mean that off-center strikes may result in less-than-ideal results. However, for skilled golfers who value feel and precision over forgiveness and distance, the MP 67 is a top-performing iron.

Value and Verdict

As with any golf club, value is subjective and dependent on individual preferences and needs. The MP 67 is not a club for everyone – its lack of forgiveness and demanding nature make it best suited for low-handicap players. However, for those who value a high level of precision and feel, the MP 67 is an excellent investment.

Overall, the MP 67 is a high-performing iron that brings together classic style and modern technology. Its top-quality construction and responsive feel make it a favorite among many skilled golfers. We hope our review has provided you with a comprehensive look at the MP 67 and helped you determine if it’s the right club for your game.