Nike RZN Tour Platinum Review: Is This Golf Ball Worth Your Investment? [Updated Sep 2023]

Are you on the lookout for a golf ball that can take your game to the next level? Nike RZN Tour Platinum might just be the one you’re searching for. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the ball’s features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of the Nike RZN Tour Platinum

Nike RZN Tour Platinum is a premium golf ball designed for skilled players seeking superior performance and control on the course. It features a four-piece construction, including a soft urethane cover, designed to enhance spin and feel. The RZN (Resin) core technology provides a faster ball speed and longer distance, making it ideal for golfers looking to increase their yardage off the tee.

Features of the Nike RZN Tour Platinum

1. Urethane Cover

The Nike RZN Tour Platinum has a soft urethane cover that provides an excellent feel on short shots and around the greens. Its low compression design increases spin rates while also giving enhanced control, making it a good choice for precise shots with a blend of control and feel.

2. RZN Core

The RZN core is at the heart of the Nike RZN Tour Platinum. The RZN technology helps in faster and longer shots off a clubface with less spin than some of its competitors. Its ability to reduce drag and maintain high speed through the air provides you with maximum distance and accuracy, making it one of the best golf balls for serious players.

3. Multi-blend Ionomer Mantle

The multi-blended mantle layer supports the outer cover to project greater speed on full shots, helping provide a shortened distance. This mantle helps reduce the amount of spin on longer drives, making it harder for drives to hook or slice

4. Aerodynamic Dimple Design

Nike has designed the RZN Tour Platinum’s dimple pattern to reduce drag and improve launch conditions. It features 344 dimples in five different sizes that promote a higher ball flight lower spin rate.

Pros of the Nike RZN Tour Platinum

  1. Exceptional short game performance thanks to the soft urethane cover.
  2. The RZN technology core provides extra speed and distance.
  3. The ball has a responsive feel that promotes versatility and accuracy.
  4. The dimple design helps create a consistent ball flight and minimize drag.
  5. It offers a good balance of spin, distance, and durability.

Cons of the Nike RZN Tour Platinum

  1. The high price point may not be affordable for everyone, making it unsuitable for casual golfers.
  2. The ball is not ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds as it may not provide adequate distance.
  3. Some players might find its softness difficult to adjust to.

Final Thoughts

The Nike RZN Tour Platinum is a top-quality golf ball that delivers excellent performance and control for certain types of golfers. Its superior quality comes at a cost, making it an ideal choice for experienced golfers looking for a competitive advantage and willing to pay the price. However, players who cannot afford the high cost may want to consider other more affordable options.

Overall, the Nike RZN Tour Platinum delivers on its promises and provides enhanced performance on the course. Its softness, speed, and control make it a premier option for serious golfers who are looking for the extra edge in their game. If you’re willing to invest in your game, then the Nike RZN Tour Platinum is worth considering.