Nippon 950GH Review: Everything You Need to Know [Updated Sep 2023]

Are you looking for reliable golf shafts that can take your game to the next level? Look no further than the Nippon 950GH! As a leading brand in the golf industry, Nippon has been delivering high-quality shafts for years. But what makes the 950GH so unique? In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth Nippon 950GH review, highlighting its key features, performance on the course, and more. So, let’s dig in!

What is Nippon 950GH?

The Nippon 950GH is a steel golf shaft that’s known for its lightweight and responsive design. It’s made from high-quality steel, allowing the shaft to feel stable and smooth when swinging. The shaft is available in different flexes, such as Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff, accommodating various swing speeds and player preferences.

Key Features of the Nippon 950GH Shaft

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing at only 95 grams, the Nippon 950GH is much lighter than traditional steel shafts, allowing for faster swing speeds and higher trajectory.
  • Responsive Feel: The shaft’s unique design promotes a responsive feel that enhances feedback, accuracy, and distance.
  • Consistent Performance: Due to its high-quality steel construction, the Nippon 950GH shaft maintains consistent performance on every swing.

Performance on the Golf Course

The Nippon 950GH shaft’s performance on the golf course is where it truly shines. Its lightweight design and responsive feel allow golfers to gain more control over their shots, resulting in improved distance, accuracy, and overall performance. Many professional golfers, such as Ernie Els, have used the Nippon 950GH shafts on tour, attesting to their quality and reliability.

Nippon 950GH vs. Other Golf Shafts

Compared to other steel shafts, the Nippon 950GH offers unique advantages that set it apart. For instance, the 950GH’s lightweight design allows for faster swing speeds, higher trajectory, and greater distance. Additionally, its responsive feel helps golfers improve their accuracy and control over their shots. While other steel shafts may offer similar features, the Nippon 950GH is a top performer.


Overall, the Nippon 950GH is an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their game. Its lightweight yet durable design, responsive feel, and consistent performance make it a top contender in the golf industry. Whether you’re a professional golfer or just starting, the Nippon 950GH shafts can take your game to the next level!