Orange Whip Review [Updated Feb 2021]

Are you looking for an effective golf training aid? Do you struggle swimming in rhythm while keeping your balance? No matter what your situation is, the orange whip is worth considering.

Most beginners experience going to the first tee-box with stiffness and cannot even swing the golf club. If you are like them, you fail to get enough 30-60 minutes to warm up before the round. Having a good warm up offers vast benefits. Remember that it is challenging to start your ground if you are tight, stiff, and unsure of how your body feels.

Good thing Orange Whip came into the scene. So, what should you know about this training aid and what to expect from it? Let’s find out!

What is Orange Whip?

From the name, it sounds like the Orange Whip is an orange rubber ball attached to the end of a black, flexible, heavy fold shaft along with a grip. It stretches up to 47 inches in length and weighs 1.75 pounds. 

Through the added weight and length combined with extra flexibility, you can exaggerate the way you drive moves in every golf swing. It also forces you to adjust the tempt to keep everything in sync.

Jim Hackenberg, an aspiring pro who transitioned as a teaching professional, created the Orange Whip. He noticed that many of his students fail to swing in rhythm while maintaining balance. That is why he tested plenty of training aids to develop tour promotions, and later on, he created the Orange Whip swing trainer.

The Orange Whip is available in various sizing options: Orange Whip Trainer, Orange Whip Midsize, Orange Whip Compact, and Orange Whip Junior. The date it was released was not mentioned, but the training aid has been around for a long time.

Who is this product for?

The Orange Whip is ideal to those who want to increase their flexibility and strengthen their golf muscles. The counterweighted and proprietary weighted system is what makes it a useful training aid for beginners. Beginning and experienced golfers can use it to improve their motion range while preventing injuries.

However, this training aid is not for you if you do not have enough space to swing when using it indoors. Mind that it is quite heavy and can damage when made contact with an object or a person.

What’s included

When you purchase an Orange Whip golf trainer, here’s what you can get:

  • 1 Orange Whip
  • Small instructional pamphlet 

Unlike other training aid kits, this one does not come with the Orange Peel Balance Trainer. It is an excellent, optional upgrade that helps prevent the user from swaying on top of other primary device’s core features.


Maybe you are reinforcing your swing mechanic, or your tempo is a bit tired? Whatever the reason, the Orange Whip will help you in many ways.


Versatile and Compact Design 

The Orange Whip is a little longer than an average club, and it fits in any golf bag type. It is ideal for travel and indoor use. The convenient length matches teens, seniors, men, and women.

High Quality Material 

This golf trainer is handmade in the US and uses American Parts. It will not break down easily. Meaning, you can use it season after season. What’s more, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Flexible Shaft and Comfortable Rubber Grip

Most amateurs struggle with proper weight transfer, timing, and tempo during the swing. However, the Orange Whip can improve both the balance and rhythm, and its flexible shaft and ergonomic rubber grip help on that part.

Using the training aid gives you instant feedback in every swing. Through the wobbly, off-balance swing, you can work on your timing and rhythm. The flexible shaft helps in coordinating the rhythm between the lower body, upper body, and arms.

Patented Counterweight System 

With the counterweighted and proprietary weighted system, the training aid can improve your swing power and maintain balance and control.

Easy to Use 

One of the best things about this training aid is that it is easy to use. You will receive immediate feelings and responses. Then, expect improvements in your scores.


Slightly More Expensive 

If you are on a budget but want to improve performance and scores, the Orange Whip is not for you. It is a little more expensive compared to other options. You can find other training aid on the market that suits your budget and gaming needs.

How to Use and Get the Most Out of It

It is always better to take lessons from teaching professionals. However, if you are on a tight budget, using the Orange Whip can get your money’s worth. As you take advantage of this product, you can start integrating the feel you usually get from an actual swing.

When using this training aid, it is recommended to go back and forth between the training aid and the golf club. That way, the tempo, and rhythm start to transfer over the swing. The training aid will point in the right direction while allowing you to put work into the swing’s groove.

If you want a bigger picture of how you can use the Orange Whip, check out the Orange Whip Trainer – How to Use the Orange Whip video. Simply visit YouTube and learn the techniques.


Aside from the Orange Whip, you can find other training aids that can help you with your gaming, including:

SKLZ Gold Flex

SKLZ Gold Flex

The SKLZ Gold Flex can strengthen your swing and build muscle memory through the 2.5 pounds weighted head. If you appreciate the Orange Whip idea but want to stick to your tight budget, this one is an affordable option for you.

Momentus Swing Trainer 

The Momentus Swing Trainer is designed to loosening up the tempo instead of training it. In case you want to get moose more quickly before your round, this training aid is a great option.


The Orange Whip is what you need to improve your flexibility, timing, coordination, and rhythm. It can effectively strengthen your swing power and maintain control and balance. However, you may find it a bit expensive compared to other options on the market.