Palmbird Putter Grip Review: Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level [Updated Jul 2024]

If you’re a passionate golfer, you know how crucial it is to have the right accessories to enhance your performance. Although a putter grip might not be the first item that comes to mind, this simple product can make a significant difference in your game. In this article, we’ll review the Palmbird Putter Grip, an innovative product that boasts an ergonomic design to improve your putting stroke.

What is the Palmbird Putter Grip?

The Palmbird Putter Grip is a putter grip that features a unique design that mimics the shape of a palm on one hand. Instead of the traditional cylindrical shape, the Palmbird Grip is wider at the top, gradually tapering down toward the shaft. This feature allows golfers to hold the club in their palms, which reduces tension, promotes a more relaxed grip, and improves feel and feedback.

How Does the Palmbird Putter Grip Work?

The Palmbird Putter Grip’s design enables golfers to grip the club in a more relaxed way, allowing for greater hand and wrist mobility during the putting stroke. The grip’s wide top provides a stable base for the club’s head, resulting in fewer wobbles and a smoother roll. Additionally, the Palmbird Grip is made of a soft, tacky material that ensures a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet conditions.

Palmbird Putter Grip Features

The Palmbird Putter Grip boasts several notable features that set it apart from the traditional putter grip, including:

  • Ergonomic design: The Palmbird Grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hands, allowing for a more relaxed grip and smoother putting strokes.
  • Tacky-material: The Palmbird Grip is made of a soft, tacky material that ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Lightweight: The Palmbird Putter Grip is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 50 grams, which puts little pressure on your wrists and allows for a more natural swing.

Palmbird Putter Grip Review

After testing the Palmbird Putter Grip, we can confirm that it lives up to its promise. The grip’s innovative design provides a comfortable, relaxed feel, and the wide top ensures a stable base for the clubhead. We found that the Palmbird Grip’s ability to reduce tension in our hands and wrists improved our putting accuracy and consistency. Additionally, the grip’s tacky material provides a secure hold, even in rainy or humid conditions, which is a significant advantage for golfers who play in less-than-ideal weather.

Palmbird Putter Grip Cost

The Palmbird Putter Grip comes in two sizes, Standard and Midsize, and is priced at $29.99 and $34.99, respectively. While these prices are a bit higher than traditional putter grips, the Palmbird Grip’s innovative design and the improved performance it delivers make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers.


If you’re looking for a putter grip that can improve your putting performance, we highly recommend the Palmbird Putter Grip. Its unique design promotes a more relaxed grip and greater hand and wrist mobility, resulting in improved putting accuracy and consistency. Additionally, its tacky material ensures a secure hold, even in challenging weather conditions. Invest in the Palmbird Putter Grip today and take your golf game to the next level!