Ping Anser 5 Putter Review: Discover the Performance, Design, and Features [Updated Jul 2024]

If you are searching for a high-performing and high-quality putter, the Ping Anser 5 Putter may be the perfect option for you. This putter is engineered to perform at the highest level for golfers of all calibers. In this review, we will deep dive into the performance, design, and features of this incredible putter.


The Ping Anser 5 Putter has a precision-milled, multi-level face design that guarantees fast, accurate, and reliable ball roll. The dual-durometer insert is engineered to improve sound and feel by dampening vibrations while ensuring a soft, yet firm feel on every putt. This putter’s fittingly optimized weighting system helps players achieve a balanced swing, consistent stroke, and, subsequently, better putting accuracy.

Additionally, the Ping Anser 5 Putter incorporates heel-toe weighting technology that stabilizes the club’s head through the swing path. With this putter, your putts’ starting line will be consistent and on-target, and you will easily manage the speed and direction of your putts.


The Ping Anser 5 Putter has a classic mallet-like design and a beautiful finish that complements its overall look. The clubhead’s cavity back design lowers the center of gravity, increasing the stability of the putter. It has a premium, sleek black nickel finish that looks elegant and professional on the golf course.

This putter’s straight shaft alignment system simplifies the process of lining up your putt. This system aligns your putter’s shaft with the visual of the target, creating a square and accurate address. The Ping Anser 5 Putter’s easy-to-aim design with a high contrast sightline is yet another aspect that contributes to its exceptional performance and design.


The Ping Anser 5 Putter’s advanced features make it stand out among its competitors. This putter’s adjustable shaft length allows golfers to personalize the putter to their specific stature and putting style. With the adjustable shaft length, players will experience proper posture and positioning, which improves their accuracy.

The Ping Anser 5 Putter’s unique counter-balancing system improves accuracy and helps golfers better manage their swing weight. Additionally, the counter-balanced design of this putter contributes to its overall stability and balance on the greens.

The Ping Anser 5 Putter’s high-quality craftsmanship and advanced technology make it a great addition to any golfer’s bag. Its performance, design, and features make it stand out among the rest, and its classic look will undoubtedly impress your golfing peers.

In conclusion, if you equate putts with success on the green, the Ping Anser 5 Putter is a premium putter that you should consider adding to your golf bag. This putter’s exceptional craftsmanship, advanced technologies, and elegant design make it an attractive and high-performance option. Try out the Ping Anser 5 Putter for yourself and experience the precision and accuracy it delivers. Order yours today!