Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter Review: The Perfect Companion for Your Golf Game [Updated Mar 2024]

If you’re an avid golfer, you know that having the right equipment is essential for achieving your peak performance on the course. Among the many critical pieces of gear, putters hold a special place in every golfer’s heart. Putters help you finesse your shots for optimal accuracy, control, and distance. However, with so many putters in the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. This Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter review will guide you in choosing this putter as the perfect companion for your golf game.

Background: The Company’s Legacy

Founded in the 1960s by legendary golfer Ray Cook, this company has built a name for itself in the golfing world. The company’s reputation stems from its groundbreaking innovations in putter-making, materials, and design. Ray Cook’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance is evident in every putter that bears his name, including the Blue Goose putter.

Features of the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter

The Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter is a state-of-the-art putter designed for professional and amateur golfers alike. Here’s a closer look at its features:

Precision-milled face

One of the standout features of the Blue Goose Putter is its precision-milled face. The face of the putter is milled with a unique pattern that promotes consistent ball roll, resulting in more accurate and predictable putts. The milling process ensures that the surface is perfectly flat, creating greater contact with the ball and therefore, better control.

Optimal Balance and Weighting

The Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter’s optimal balance and weighting make it easy to control. The putter has a heavy head that concentrates weight towards the toe and perimeter. This design feature helps you maintain a straighter backswing, aiding in control and accuracy. Moreover, its balance promotes less wrist breakdown, resulting in a more effective follow-through.

Innovative Design

The Blue Goose Putter’s design is both innovative and eye-catching. The putter’s blue clubhead is distinctive, making it easy to spot in your golf bag. Its design helps to align shots accurately, and the sightlines provide reference points for the perfect aim.

Affordable Price

Despite its exceptional performance and high quality, the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter is surprisingly affordable, making it an excellent value for your money.

Advantages of the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter

Now that you understand the Blue Goose Putter’s features let’s delve into the benefits of using Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter.

Enhanced Control

The precision milling and optimal balance make this putter easy to control, giving your putts a smooth and consistent roll.

Consistent Accuracy

The putter’s face milling results in a consistent ball roll, leading to improved accuracy, especially through challenging distances.


Thanks to its design and weight distribution, the Blue Goose Putter is a versatile putter that works well in both short and long putts, making it ideal for golfers of all skill levels.

Durability and Quality

The Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter is a durable product constructed from high-quality materials. You can expect to enjoy years of use from this putter while maintaining replicable performance.

How to Use the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter

When using the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter, remember to align the sightlines of the putter with your desired target. Align your feet closely with your putter and take a smooth, even swing while focusing on keeping your wrist and swing as steady as possible. Enjoy the feeling of control and accuracy as you sink that perfect putt seamlessly.


In conclusion, the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter is an exceptional putter designed to improve your game, reducing your handicap and making you stand out on the course. With its unique features, affordability, and quality, you cannot go wrong with making this putter a part of your golf gear collection. Choose the Ray Cook Blue Goose Putter today and make every shot count!