Spikeless Golf Shoes Review

Spikeless golf shoes are a great asset to any golf player and are designed to be used both and off course. Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes use rubber technology instead of spikes to ensure that the shoes maintain traction while on the golf course. A great benefit of wearing spikeless golf shoes is the fact that these shoes leave only a few lumps on the ground, providing smoother greens. In addition, spikeless shoes not only provide easier walking on tough surfaces( concrete path), but also reduces the wear and tear effect on the clubhouse carpets and increase the life span of the golf cart’s flooring. Take a look at some spikeless golf shoes review listed below in this guide.

Footjoy Men’s Dryjoy Casual

Footjoy Men’s Dryjoy Casual

If you are looking for simple and most comfortable spikeless golf shoes that can be worn on and off the course, Footjoy men’s Dryjoy casual shoes would be a perfect choice. While the supple cushioning offer an exceptional feel, comfort and stability, the light weight of the shoes help make the shoes feel light even when worn on hard surfaces.


The upper of the shoe is made of good quality Pittard’s leather that is waterproof treated. This feature not makes wearing these comfortable even in wet conditions, but also makes them more durable and long lasting when compared to other spikeless shoes.


The sole of the shoes basically combines three elements that play a crucial to provide unprecedented comfort to the wearer. While the spikeless sole constructed of TPU helps provide good grip on the turf, the middle and upper layers of the shoes are made of FTF (fine tuned foam) that helps cushion your foot and provide added stability.

Available in six color ways, white, black, navy/ Carolina, black/white, white/ orange and brown/taupe, Footjoy men’s Dryjoy casual has 38 customer reviews and has receives a 4.6 out 5 rating at Amazon. Most of the users feel that these shoes are not only a great golf gear for the price, but are one of those shoes that provide great feel and comfort. However, though the styling of the shoes is a little understated, especially when using the same color laces as upper, changing the look by using a second pair of laces that is available with shoes can help make your footwear look more stylish.

Footjoy Men’s Dryjoy Casual proves to be a great option for all golf players softer, durable, comfortable and more versatile spikeless golf shoes.

Adidas Men’s Adicross Gripmore golf shoes

Adidas Men’s Adicross Gripmore golf shoes

The Adicross Gripmore golf shoes are an ideal choice for all those looking for an elite, lightweight golf shoes. Extremely comfortable, these shoes combine both versatility and strength.

Provide extra traction

With nearly 43 flexible and bendable rubber- like- cleats( each cleat having arms), rubber numbs and 243 points of contact injected at the bottom of the shoes, wearing these shoes provide more traction and stability. Although the ��spikes’ are not seen protruding from the outsole the shoes provide great grip and can be used in dry and wet conditions safely.

Sophisticated looks

Made of full grain leather upper, these shoes feature an internal PU foam midsole and a classic vulcanized sidewall for a sleek stylish profile and added comfort. An addition, the use of modern aesthetics and colors coupled with contrast stitching and detail and suede accents help make these shoes look more sophisticated and stylish.

With 133 customer reviews at Amazon, Adidas Men’s Adicross Gripmore golf shoes have received 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Most customers who have used this golf footwear are of the opinion that these shoes are not only comfortable, well –fitted and durable but also have a great grip and are stylish too. However, although some people found the shoes a little loose in the heel, making some adjustments helped them solve the problem.

Adidas Men’s Adicross Gripmore golf shoes are one the most stylish pair of shoes a golfer can wear. In addition, the extra traction and stability as well as the comfort these shoes provide, makes them a must buy shoe for every golf lover.

Puma men’s Faas Grip 2.0 golf Shoe

Puma men’s Faas Grip 2.0 golf Shoe

Equipped with Smart Quill technology, these shoes help provide traction as well flexibility to a golf player whenever it is needed most. Inspired by the running and training collection by Puma, these spikeless golf shoes are one of those gorgeous and fashion oriented shoes that will help keep things light on the course. Wearing these shoes helps provide great traction on the ground and can be used safely even while playing in wet conditions.


With an upper that has a stormCELL combination of membranes and waterproof materials and seam sealing in areas required most, these golf shoes are a great choice for golfers playing in tough conditions.


Apart from being light- weight, these are one of those ��slip on’ golf shoes that allows the wearer wear and the remove quickly and comfortably. In addition, the soles of these golf shoes offer excellent lateral support which can prove to highly beneficial in preventing the ankles from rolling during the swing.

Puma men’s Faas Grip 2.0 golf Shoe has 54 customers’ reviews and has received 4.6 out of 5 star rating at Amazon. Most of the reviewers who have used of the shoes are of the opinion that these shoes are one of the most comfortable golf shoes they have ever worn. In fact, according to the reviews, people who have wide feet have also found these gold shoes quite comfortable and feel that is provides plenty of room in the toe box. In addition, many customers also feel that these shoes make a great pair of walking shoes and wearing them has helped them walk more distances without actually having to experiencing aching feet. However, while some customers complained about the fit, they recommend buying these shoes only after trying them on.

Puma men’s Faas Grip 2.0 golf Shoes are a great choice all golfers looking for comfortable and durable spikeless golf shoes.

The above mentioned spikeless golf shoes review guide helps provide great information for all golf lovers looking to buy a new pair of gold shoes. However, since each pair of shoes is different from the other, buying one that best suits your requirements and fits you comfortably can go a long way in helping you find the right spikeless shoes for yourself.