Square Strike Wedge Review

Square Strike Wedge Review

There was an interesting banter on a Reddit sub the other day, about specialized golf wedges for honing your ‘lob’ shot skills. But surprisingly, there was no mention of the square strike wedge

That’s what prompted us to do this review post.

If you have played recreational golf or hope to make it to the professional scene, then you would be well aware that the struggle around the greens is real.

We have seen countless golfers work their way to excellent drive and fairway shots. (The long game)

But come to the 60 odd yards around the green and their technique starts to falter.

Shots look more comical than precise.

The fact is that despite all the talk about the short game being more about touch and feel than actual technique, let’s face it.

It all boils down to two things.

  1. The right amount of practice.
  2. The right equipement.

Feel’ sounds like an alien concept when you are struggling to chip and pitch or are converting sure pars into double eagles every time.

If you can invest the time to practice, then the Square Strike Wedge promises to be ‘THE’ only wedge you are going to need for the short game. Period.

Remember those infomercial starring ‘Andy North’ on Golf Channel about that strange looking wedge that promises to improve your short game?

At first glance, it sounds gimmicky. We agree.

Can a schmancy wedge really help you get better at an area of golf that takes most professionals years to master?

Let’s find out in this Square Strike Wedge Review.

What’s the hype surrounding the Square Strike Wedge?

For starters, it is unlike any other wedge that you’d have ever seen.

The design is plain unorthodox. It has a rectangular face instead of the conventional tall-toe, short-heel wedges.

The edge is beveled. Not sharp.

The weight is centered mostly around the toe and the heel which makes the swing weight a little (or a lot) higher than what one expects.

It has a green cavity that’s more of a cosmetic addition. But it works. You’d pick this blindfolded from a set.

The looks are unconventional, but attractive.

Once you are done drooling over the aesthetics, you’ll start to notice the tiny differences that make this a great wedge for short game noobs.

How does it help you improve your short game?

They weren’t kidding when they said that the Square Strike Wedge is designed especially for short game use.

  • The Anti-Chunk Sole: There are a bunch of grooves on the face that allow the wedge to slide through sticky grass. Why this might even work in bunkers (Although that’s not the intended use)

  • The beveled edge: We spoke about the beveled edge briefly. That’s what keeps your wedge from digging as opposed to razor sharp edges that are prone to it.

  • The toe weight: The weight being centered around the toe prevents the club head from opening more than what’s needed. This allows it to stay square to the target line. Also, the square strike wedge has a length similar to a putter which allows you to swing freely.

  • The Loft: The square strike wedge has a 45° loft. That makes it a very versatile wedge that can be used across a variety of lies. There’s no unwanted spin. Be it bare ground, uphill, mid-green hazards, side hill, the square strike wedge has you covered.

  • Accuracy: The weight around the toe makes for a very pleasant contact with the ball. Almost every shot will look like it wants to pop a little in the air.

  • No more divots: While there’s a lot of talk about the weight and the center of gravity on the club face, it also has excellent bounce. So, even if you somehow manage to hit a fat shot, the ball will advance rather than divot.

Who’s the square strike wedge for?

Anyone who’s struggling with their short game can benefit immensely from the square strike wedge.

To be more precise, if you tick one or more of the following boxes, then you have to give this a shot to believe it.

  • Inconsistency around the greens
  • Struggling around the 40-50-yard distance
  • Your chip shots are poor
  • You hit thin or fat shots
  • You chunk the ball
  • You are looking for a wedge that allows you to use the regular putting stroke and grip

Why we love it

It’s comfortable. Hell yeah. A lot more comfortable than most sand and pitch wedges that we’ve used.

It’s precise. You are highly unlikely to hit a fat irrespective of the lie.

It’s forgiving. Even your miss-hits will give you better results than using a conventional wedge.

It’s versatile. You can use this in a variety of lies.

It’s inexpensive. While most wedges are priced well above $100, the Square Strike wedge is priced much lesser.

What could be better with the square strike wedge?

All said and done, the Square Strike Wedge does have a few design idiosyncrasies that it could do without.

Also, it’s not a be all, end all for everything related to the short game.

Here’s what we feel could have been better about it.

  • The way it sits at the address is a little awkward, especially when you are transitioning from a more conventional wedge. It will take some time to get used to.

  • If you hood the club for your bump and runs, then you will struggle with the square strike wedge. Ditto with the flops.

To be fair, none of those niggles are deal breakers for us. Are they for you?

To sum it up

If you are done chunking chips or blaming equipment for your lousy game around the greens, then the Square Strike wedge might be the answer you seek.

It has a 60-day money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?