Taylormade Ardmore 3 Review –

Looking to improve your putting game on the course? The TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter may be the game-changing club you’ve been searching for. This sleek and sophisticated putter is designed for precision and performance, providing golfers with the tools they need to sink more putts and lower their scores. With its advanced technology and innovative features, the Ardmore 3 is a top choice for players of all skill levels who are serious about improving their putting game.

One of the standout features of the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is its adjustable sole weights, which allow golfers to customize the feel and performance of the club to suit their individual preferences. The putter also features a unique T-shaped alignment system, making it easier for players to line up their putts accurately and consistently. With a classic mallet design and a clean, modern look, the Ardmore 3 is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to take your putting game to the next level, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is a must-have addition to your golf bag.

taylormade ardmore 3 review


The Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter is designed to provide golfers with a balanced and stable stroke, ensuring consistent performance on the greens. The putter features a modern mallet design with a face-balanced head, making it easier to align the ball and the target line. The T-sightline alignment on the top of the putter helps golfers visualize their stroke and improve their accuracy. With a Pure Roll insert, the Ardmore 3 offers a soft yet responsive feel, allowing for a smooth roll and better distance control on putts.


The Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter is suitable for golfers of all skill levels who are looking to improve their putting game. Whether you are a beginner looking for forgiveness and consistency or a seasoned player seeking better alignment and control, the Ardmore 3 delivers exceptional performance on the greens. The putter’s versatile design makes it a great choice for both recreational and competitive players who want to improve their putting stroke and lower their scores on the course.


The Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter features a sleek and modern design that sets it apart from traditional blade putters. The mallet head provides stability and forgiveness, while the sightline alignment aids in proper alignment and setup. The matte black finish with white and red accents gives the putter a premium look and feel. The Ardmore 3 is available in various lengths and grip options to cater to individual preferences and playing styles, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for every golfer.

Build Quality

The Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter is crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, ensuring durability and performance on the course. The stainless steel head is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, while the Pure Roll insert provides a consistent and smooth roll with every putt. The grip options offered by Taylormade are designed for comfort and control, allowing golfers to maintain a secure hold on the putter during their stroke.

Primary Features

Some of the key features of the Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter include the mallet design for stability and forgiveness, the T-sightline alignment for improved accuracy, and the Pure Roll insert for a soft yet responsive feel. The putter also features customizable lengths and grip options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their setup for optimal performance. With its premium design and performance capabilities, the Ardmore 3 is a versatile and reliable putter option for golfers looking to elevate their game on the greens.

Pros Cons
– Sleek design and aesthetic appeal – May be too heavy for some golfers
– Excellent alignment aids for improved putting accuracy – Limited adjustability compared to other putters
– High-quality materials and construction for durability – Higher price point compared to similar putters
– Smooth feel and weight balance for consistent strokes – Some users may prefer a different grip style

Key Features

When evaluating the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter, there are several key features to consider. One important factor to look at is the head design. The Ardmore 3 features a modern mallet head shape with a single bend shaft that provides stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes. Another key feature is the Pure Roll insert, which promotes a smooth roll and enhanced feel at impact. Additionally, the alignment features on the Ardmore 3 can help golfers improve their accuracy on the green.


In terms of performance, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter excels in providing consistent distance control and a solid feel at impact. The Pure Roll insert helps reduce skidding and promotes a true roll, which can lead to more holed putts. The mallet head design also offers stability and forgiveness, making it easier for golfers to square the face at impact. Overall, the Ardmore 3 is a reliable putter that can help golfers improve their performance on the green.

Customization Options

When purchasing a TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter, consider the customization options available. Some retailers may offer custom fitting services to ensure the putter is suited to your individual preferences and playing style. You may also have the option to choose from different grip options, shaft lengths, and head weights to optimize the putter for your game. By exploring these customization options, you can tailor the Ardmore 3 to meet your specific needs on the green.

Price Point

Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider the price point of the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter. While the Ardmore 3 offers premium performance and quality features, it may come at a higher price compared to other putters on the market. However, investing in a high-quality putter like the Ardmore 3 can ultimately improve your performance on the green and lead to lower scores. Consider your budget and the value you place on performance when evaluating the price point of the Ardmore 3.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is a top-performing option for golfers looking to improve their putting game. With its modern mallet head design, Pure Roll insert, and alignment features, the Ardmore 3 offers stability, forgiveness, and accuracy on the green. By considering key features, performance, customization options, and price point, you can make an informed purchase decision and choose a putter that suits your individual needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is a reliable choice that can help you sink more putts and lower your scores on the course.

1. Search for TaylorMade Ardmore 3 Reviews on Amazon

To find reviews for the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter on Amazon, start by going to the Amazon website and typing “TaylorMade Ardmore 3 review” in the search bar. This should bring up a list of results for reviews of the putter.

2. Read Multiple Reviews

It is important to read multiple reviews of the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter to get a well-rounded understanding of the product. Look for reviews that are detailed and provide specific information about the performance, feel, and quality of the putter.

3. Look for Verified Purchases

When reading reviews on Amazon, look for reviews that are labeled as “verified purchase.” These reviews come from customers who have actually purchased the product, so they are likely to provide a more accurate assessment of the putter.

4. Consider the Overall Rating

Pay attention to the overall rating of the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter on Amazon. If the putter has mostly positive reviews and a high rating, it is likely to be a good choice. However, if there are a lot of negative reviews, you may want to consider another option.

5. Read the Pros and Cons

Be sure to read the pros and cons listed in the reviews of the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter. This will help you determine if the putter has the features and performance qualities that are important to you.

6. Consider Your Own Preferences

Ultimately, the best TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter for you will depend on your own preferences and playing style. Consider factors such as weight, design, alignment features, and feel when choosing the right putter for your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 a good putter for beginners?

Yes, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is a great option for beginners. It offers excellent forgiveness on off-center hits and a stable feel, making it easier for beginners to improve their putting skills.

What type of alignment does the Ardmore 3 putter have?

The TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter features a sightline on the crown of the club head, making it easy to line up your putts with confidence.

Is the Ardmore 3 putter adjustable?

No, the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is not adjustable. However, it is available in different shaft lengths to accommodate players of various heights.

What type of shaft does the Ardmore 3 putter have?

The TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter comes with a single bend steel shaft, providing a traditional feel and performance for putting.

In conclusion, the Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter is a valuable choice for golfers looking to improve their putting performance on the course. With its sleek design, advanced alignment technology, and superior stability, this putter offers great precision and consistency with every stroke. The combination of style and functionality makes it a must-have for any golfer looking to elevate their game. Upgrade to the Taylormade Ardmore 3 and experience the benefits of improved accuracy and confidence on the greens.