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TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf RangeFinder Review

Tectectec Vpro500 golf Rangefinder


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Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder


Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder Review

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder


What is a golf range finder

A lot of competitive sports buffs have adopted technical advances to improve their recreation and drive the sport further. The sport of golf is no exception to this rule. There’s been frequent creativity around golfing hardware during the last few years. Significant recent progress features the addition of rangefinders into the mix. These units make use of GPS technology together with cutting-edge geography mapping software that will help people to make much better selections and cut multiple strokes off his or her score.With all the hundreds of Golf rangefinders on the market, you should be questioning what type is more effective for your needs or more significantly what precisely should you be browsing for. Here are some helpful tips to help you get moving:

Accuracy along with Gauging Length

Typically the most prevalent underlying cause rangefinders tend to be utilized is definitely to bypass doing intellectual calculations or approximations to find ranges. This approach would help golfers to conserve their energy on the course as well as minimises the human mistakes in yardage measurements. Consequently, it is significant that the GPS rangefinder you looks at features correct measurements over significant enough ranges that will accommodate one’s preferences.

Zoom and Targeting Choices

Most people may very well be pondering precisely how magnification and targeting differ from precision. They are typically correlated in so much as that you undoubtedly absolutely need to know precisely how far you happen to be away from the actual flag or whatever place you are attempting to get to. In addition, you definitely will need to be in a position to have a peek at what exactly the region appears like. You never wish to get the golf ball in the region you are targeting just to find out that there is a localized water hazard which you didn’t see or even some various other factors of the golf course that will hamper your following handful of shots. Typically the magnification and aiming functions assist you to plan in advance numerous shots in front. Without a doubt look out for these while searching.

Gradient and Pitch surveying

This is a really beneficial attribute with your rangefinder in as much as recreational or training golf is concerned. You should attempt never to be far too reliant on this ability of golf rangefinders purely because devices designed to compute slope typically are not authorized for most competitions. The actual specs of the rangefinders which you consider will definitely reference what types of incline measurements are generally available.This is a brilliant starting check-list involving factors to consider when you start hunting for golf rangefinders. When your game grows and you have tested out a variety of rangefinders you will make your personal list of guidelines and even keep contributing to it. Aside from the rangefinder itself, you could also need to look into basic accessories to get in conjunction with it to ensure taking care of the rangefinder and extending its lifespan and obtaining the maximum use out of it becomes easier.Reading through the best golf rangefinder reviews is only the starting point for reducing shots off your golf game.

How can a golf range finder help you

Golf is an interesting game to play for leisure. Playing golf becomes interesting when you use a golf range finder which helps you in many ways. A golf range finder is a device that is used to measure the distance between the ball and the target. There are two types of golf range finder; laser and GPS golf range finder. Well let’s get to see how can a golf range finder help you in your game. This tool helps you to measure the distance between the ball and your target. This is a very user friendly tool which eases the work for measuring your golf distance in the course. This device also helps you to improve accuracy in measurements. Since it’s a digital device especially the GPS golf range finder which measures the length and even the angle and cosine of the ball from the target. Therefore this helps you to make more accurate shots. You and your buddy don’t have to make lengthy calculations pertaining the distance and deviation of the ball from the target. The GPS golf range finder has the ability locate the ball with the aid of glasses. This helps you to locate the ball easily without much struggle. The golf range finder synced with the mapped course makes it easy to locate the ball. Mobility is a factor to consider in the usage of this device. The golf range finder is easy to carry to other golf courses. This helps you in your golf career in that you can play in various golf courses and test your skills in different courses. This tool is very portable and compatible with any golf course. The speed of the game play is important. This is because playing a slow game is sometimes boring. The golf range finder helps to speed up the game play. In case you are competing with your friends or other buddies, this tool saves you time which would be spent measuring and making lengthy calculations. The tool is fast and accurate hence helps you to increase the speed of the game. This device has incredible features which helps you to determine any distance not only the flagstick. You can measure any distance between landmarks or your targets. This facilitates your game in that the course is at your palm with the help of this tool. Any distance in the green or the course at large is measurable. Consulting a yard book becomes less important by using a golf range finder. The ability of this device to help you to locate anything on the course pertaining the game makes it playing golf enjoyable. You don’t have to use yardage markers in your game play. A golf range marker can also help you to improve your game. Since it measures the distance and also the angles. This enables you to gauge your accuracy. Therefore you’ll try to improve your shots based on the information you get form the device. Learning becomes easy and enjoyable. Also if you’re an expert it can help you to improve the skills of your amateur players. Having seen these ways in which a golf range finder can help you, you can purchase one and try. It’s easy to use a golf range finder because it doesn’t have complicated operating system.

Which Type Of golf range finder Is Best For You?

Are you an avid golf player who is looking to enhance his or her prowess in the sport? If yes, then it is time you think of investing in a good golf range finder, a device that helps you determine the exact distance from your location to a target object on the golf course.

Why Do You Need A Golf Range Finder?

A rangefinder helps you calculate the actual distance to the flag, the greens, or the hazards. This information lets you choose the right club required for an accurate shot. It also boosts your confidence by eliminating distance doubts.Moreover, a golf rangefinder speeds up your game play by reducing the time you could have wasted in estimating a distance using the traditional tactics like yard markers, or sprinkler heads marked with yardages.

Types of Golf Range Finders

There are two kinds of rangefinders; the GPS rangefinders and the laser golf range finder. Since each rangefinder has its unique set of pros and cons, picking the right type from the two options can be a challenge, more so if you have never used one.Have you been finding it hard to decide on which golf rangefinder is best for you? If yes, we have scrutinized each type to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

GPS Golf Range Finder

A GPS golf range finder utilizes the Global Positioning System technology to determine the distance from the golfer to a given target object. The rangefinder is available as a downloadable application which is compatible with your smartphone or tablet, a wristwatch, a handheld device, or a clip that you can attach to your hat or breast pocket.The GPS rangefinder is portable, easy to use, and it is less expensive than the laser rangefinder. Moreover, the GPS rangefinder can estimate the distance of target objects behind barriers like hills and trees.On the downside, GPS golf rangefinders are less accurate than the laser rangefinder, and you can only use them at a golf course that is charted by the GPS service provider. Furthermore, you may have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to continue using the rangefinder.

Laser Rangefinders

A laser rangefinder uses the laser technology to calculate the distance between the golfer, and a given target object on the golf course. It provides more accurate distance measurements than the GPS type, and you can use it on any golf course.On the downside, the laser golf rangefinder is quite cumbersome to use. For instance, if you want to calculate the distance, you will have to interrupt your game session, get the rangefinder out of its carry case, and then aim at the target object to receive the distance estimates. Another downside with the laser golf rangefinder is that you can only use it to estimate the distance of visible target objects. This means that you cannot use it to determine the distance of target objects behind trees, bushes, or a hill.

Which Golf Range Finder Is Best For You?

As can be seen, both the GPS and Laser golf rangefinders have their unique set of benefits and downsides. For that reason the choice of what makes the best rangefinder would depend on your personal preferences,and unique golfing needs.

How to choose the best golf range finder

Whether you are a professional or an amateur golfer, a golf rangefinder is a must have. This is due to the fact that it helps you to make easy and quick measurement of distance. On one hand, it helps you as a golfer to lower your scores.On the other hand, it can help you to improve your game by helping you choose the best club underdifferent circumstances. It can also help you improve your self-confidence by boosting your mental acuity.There is a wide range of golf range finders to choose from. They come in different sizes, styles andeven colors and from different makers.

Things to consideren when buying a golf range finder


You should consider the price of the gold rangefinder. This is because it is not as crucial as your golf shoes for instance. Therefore, you should buy a rangefinder that has a value for your money.It is advisable, to begin with, a rangefinder of $150. Remember, the more expensive the rangefinder is, it does not mean that it’s the best. Instead consider the features at an affordable price but durable.

After-sale Costs

These are the extra expenses that you will incur so as to maintain the golf rangefinder in a working condition. These costs include the availability of the golf course map.


There are 2 different kinds of rangefinders:(i) Laser – this is a rangefinder that uses lasers to calculate the distance. It is usually very accurate within 1-2 yards and it is very flexible hence it can be used in any type of golf course. Most importantly, it does not require a hookup to a computer, no subscription or membership fee is required. However, the laser must always be pointed at the target.(ii) GPS – depending on the model, they have features like: stats and score storage, it can be tracked easily, it can measure distance on all sides of the golf course. Also, it has an overhead view of the hole and it can calculate the distance between the object even with an obstacle on the way.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying A golf range finder

Using Price as the Only Determining Factor

Many people think that the most expensive products are the best. This is a mistake. You should remember that the prices of golf rangefinders vary depending on the quality, model, brand and specifications. It is advisable to choose a range finder based on the features and not the price.

Choosing any Type

There are two types of rangefinders i.e. tournament edition and slope edition. The tournament edition has lesser features, they are legal and can be used during competitions. The slope edition, on the other hand, is used during non-competitive activities and during practice.Most golfers think that any of the above types can be used. Therefore, you should select the right kindof rangefinder.

Buying Unpopular Brands

The effectiveness of a rangefinder is directly related to the authenticity of its brand. Popular brands do not disappoint as compared to unpopular brands. Reputed brands have high-quality products and they give good services.

Poor Research

Before purchasing a golf rangefinder, ensure to do thorough research. This goes a long way into learning the different brands available, prices, quality, features and specifications. Without proper research, you are likely to buy a low quality and defective rangefinder.