Best triathlon shoes

To all the male triathletes out there, we get how important your running shoe is to your experience. In your search for the Ultimate Triathlon Shoe, take your researcher’s advice and consider the following three options. We’ve culled the shelves of the best running shoe purveyors out there, and narrowed the finalists down to three. […]

Your Guide To The Best Triathlon Shorts

Planning to take part in an endurance event like a triathlon, buy some triathlon shorts. Wearing triathlon shorts allows easy transition between swimming, biking and running, helping a triathlete stay comfortable for the duration of the race. Apart from being made of materials that encourages reduced water absorption, a great benefit wearing this triathlon gear […]

Best triathlon bikes

The cycling culture is ever growing especially in urban areas where parking is increasingly becoming a menace. This being the case, bikes are continually growing higher in demand. Below are some of the best triathlon bikes: Image Product Price Rating Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano $$$ Cell 1 / 4 GMC Denali Road […]

What is the best triathlon watch for you?

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you spend most of your past time into sports? Are you involved into sports lately? You may probably familiar with triathlon. What is triathlon? Triathlon is a completion where in there is not a single sports activity involved. So triathlon was derived from the Greek word which are treis- […]

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