Grafalloy Blue Review: Is It Worth The Hype? [Updated Dec 2023]

Are you tired of using golf shafts that don’t perform to your expectations? It’s time to try Grafalloy Blue – a leading golf shaft in the market. In this review, we’ll dive into the product’s features, benefits, and how it can help improve your game.

What Is Grafalloy Blue?

Grafalloy Blue is a high-performance graphite golf shaft designed to cater to a wide range of players. The shaft’s design allows for an optimum balance between distance, accuracy, and speed. Its versatility has made it a popular choice for golfers ranging from beginners to professionals.


The Grafalloy Blue shaft boasts several features that set it apart from its competitors. The first notable feature is its lightweight design. At just 55 grams, the shaft is incredibly light. This weight reduction allows for increased swing speed – a crucial factor for distance. Additionally, the shaft’s tip section has a high stiffness, which helps create a low launch angle and increased ball speed.

Another notable feature of the Grafalloy Blue shaft is its torque. The shaft has a low torque of 3.2 degrees, making it exceptionally stable through impact. This stability ensures maximum energy transfer to the ball, leading to enhanced accuracy.


Using the Grafalloy Blue shaft can lead to several benefits for your golf game. One of the most significant advantages is increased distance. The shaft’s lightweight design and low torque combine to create a high launch angle, leading to maximum distance. Additionally, the shaft’s stiffness creates a solid feel, which increases ball speed.

The Grafalloy Blue shaft’s stability ensures that it doesn’t twist through impact, leading to improved accuracy. Moreover, the low torque ensures that the clubface remains square at impact, preventing unwanted hooks and slices.


The Grafalloy Blue shaft has a reputation for its exceptional performance. It has been used by several professional golfers, such as Sergio Garcia and Jim Furyk, with impressive results. The shaft’s versatility ensures that it can cater to every type of golfer, regardless of skill level.


Overall, the Grafalloy Blue shaft is an excellent choice for golfers looking to boost their game. Its lightweight design, low torque, and stiffness combine to create an optimal balance between distance, accuracy, and speed. Moreover, the shaft’s versatility makes it an excellent fit for golfers of all levels. This review is evidence that the Grafalloy Blue is worth the hype and an investment that will help take your game to the next level.